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Zodight LED Bobo Helium Glow in the Dark Balloons, detailed review

Zodight LED Bobo Helium Glow in the Dark Balloons, pack of 10

Add a special touch to your party with these colorful LED flashing balloons. All the children will want to take one home with them to enjoy the cool glow in the dark effect.

Why are these Zodight LED Bobo Helium Balloons such a great glow in the dark product?

  • One pack contains 10 LED balloons, 10 LED string lights (118 inches long = 3 meters), 50 clear seal stickers to stick the strings onto the balloons.
  • The balloons in itself are clear transparent, the colors are produced by the LED light strings.
  • These balloons need to be filled with air or helium, but you need to do this with a pump or helium tank. These balloons cannot be inflated by mouth. It is recommended to use helium though, otherwise these balloons won’t float.
  • These large transparent balloons are made out of environment friendly TPU, which is a product between rubber and plastic. This material is very flexible, so it’s easy to tie the knot after inflating.
  • These balloons have passed the EN71 Quality Certification, they are safe and reliable to use.
  • When fully inflated, these LED balloons can have a maximum diameter of 18 inches (the equivalent of 45 cm). These balloons will stay inflated for about 7 days without leakage.
  • These balloons come with a 60-day money back and 12-month replacement warranty.

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Zodight LED Bobo Glow in the Dark Balloons

Stunning light up balloons for a magic touch

Glow time
Items per pack
  • environment friendly material
  • can be filled with air or helium
  • no odor
  • 12 to 24 hour flashing LED light
  • durable and recyclable
  • it's not easy to wrap the strings around the balloons

What people love about these LED Bobo glow in the dark balloons

  • These balloons are gigantic !
  • The balloons can be used inside and outside. Just be careful that the battery box doesn’t become wet. You can put the little boxes inside plastic bags.
  • Because the light string is so long, you can use these balloons as perfect table decorations at a wedding for instance. The balloons look wonderful when the lights are dimmed for the first dance !

Tips to use these LED Bobo glow in the dark balloons

  • Once you have inflated the balloons, decorate them with the LED string lights and fasten them to the balloons with the clear seal stickers. Do not put the LED light strings inside the balloon, because you won’t be able to seal the balloon off properly and will cause leakage.
  • To switch on the LED lights, just turn the switch box on the ON position. You can turn the lights off at any time. You will need two AA batteries for the battery box (these are not included).

You have never seen such amazing balloons, they are truly mesmerizing and will add a magic touch to your evening.

Zodight LED Bobo Helium Glow in the Dark Balloons, detailed review
Zodight LED Bobo Helium Glow in the Dark Balloons, detailed review

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