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Zen garden glow in the dark pebbles (Graham Products) review

Best selling glow in the dark pebbles pack (450 in a jar)

If you want to add a layer of magic to your garden, one of the easiest ways is probably to cover some areas with glow in the dark pebbles. We will review a few examples of shiny pebbles, starting with a jar of 450 pebbles.

These are small white stones which will glow electric blue after being charged by ambient light. They can be used to mark the sides of a path or to brighten up a zen garden. They can also be used indoors for multiple purposes, incl. lighting up a fish tank.

These pebbles all contain a phosphorescent pigment which will react to light and make them glow in the dark. The stones aren’t rocks, they’re made from hard plastic resin. They’re non-toxic and even if they glow they’re not radioactive.

Why is this jar of white pebbles a great glow in the dark product?

  • you get a lot of value for your money: 450 pebbles in a jar
  • they’re perfect both for indoor and outdoor decorations. They will light up your garden or brighten up your fish tank.
  • the seller offers a 100% money back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with your purchase
9.5Expert Score
White glowing blue pebbles

great artificial rocks to decorate your zen garden

Value for money
  • value for money
  • they glow very bright
  • they're easy to disseminate on the floor
  • can be used indoors and outdoors

What people love about these glow in the dark pebbles?

  • they deliver a very bright blue glow after 2 hours of exposition to ambient light (the glow will slowly fade away)
  • these pebbles are pretty bright both with sunlight and artificial led light (but good sunlight works best)
  • they can be used both indoors and outdoors, they’re obviously waterproof
  • these glowing pebbles are a great way to mark the sides of a path
  • they will also glow nicely in a fountain and won’t be damaged by water
  • they’re pretty cheap so you can buy multiple packs if you need to cover a large area

Tips to use these glow in the dark pebbles at home

  • don’t give these pebbles to small children since they could swallow them (choking hazard)
  • if you use them indoors do not forget that you’ll have to charge the pebbles with ambient light to make them glow. You can also expose them to UV black light.
  • each pebble is quite small so you’ll need quite a lot of them to cover a substantial area in your garden

If you’re looking for bright glow in the dark blue pebbles, you can find this product on Amazon.

Zen garden glow in the dark pebbles (Graham Products) review
Zen garden glow in the dark pebbles (Graham Products) review

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