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Wormhole Glow in the Dark Blacklight Poster, detailed review

Wormhole Blacklight Poster Psychedelic Tapestry

Does your room need a complete make-over and are you a fan of glow in the dark blacklight art ?

If you are nostalgic of this art form, why not buy this beautiful Wormhole Blacklight poster to dream away with ?

This blacklight wormhole poster will hypnotize and relax you completely.

Why is this Wormhole blacklight poster a great glow in the dark product?

  • This glow in the dark poster is printed with highly blacklight / UV / ultraviolet light reactive fluorescent inks on inkjet paper.
  • You can get this product printed on paper or you can get the laminated version, which is more expensive.
  • The standard size of this poster is 23 x 35 inches (which is 58.42 x 88.9 cm). The laminated version is 0.5 larger on both sides.
  • This poster is flocked in the black areas using felt fibers. This gives the poster a great velvety feeling and greater contrast to the fluorescent UV reactive inks. The black appears much darker than an ink with no glare.
  • This blacklight poster is printed using digital printing technology.
  • The patterns are high-definition and the colors are extremely vivid, under natural light and even more so under black light.
  • This poster features a multi-color wormhole that gives a tunnel effect optical illusion.
  • This poster is manufactured and printed in the USA.
  • Fast shipping.

9.5Expert Score
Wormhole Black Light Glow in the Dark Poster

Dream away in the wormhole.

Visual effect
Quality of canvas
Customer service
  • glows vividly under UV blacklight
  • smooth velvet
  • high-quality ink
  • very detailed image
  • the laminated version has slightly less positive reviews

What people love about this Wormhole Glow in the Dark Blacklight Poster

  • Lovely packaging. The poster is wrapped in protective plastic and in a tube to protect it during transport.
  • The matted black velvet on the poster feels very smooth. It’s thinner than the one from the 70’s , but still feels great.
  • This poster looks really great in daylight too, it has a neon effect.
  • The print is very neat.

Tips to use this Wormhole Glow in the Dark Blacklight Poster

  • Blacklight is not included with this poster.
  • This poster looks great in a man cave or smoke shed !
  • The poster has a 3/4 inch white border around the whole poster, which is normal for screen printed blacklight posters. The posters get pulled through the printing press by this border and the area cannot be printed.
  • The brightness of this poster may differ depending on the type of blacklight that is used (UV fixture or bulb).
  • Never directly look into black light, this might damage your eyes.

For all the fans of psychedelic trips ! This wormhole will make your head spin and transform the room you’re in .

Wormhole Glow in the Dark Blacklight Poster, detailed review
Wormhole Glow in the Dark Blacklight Poster, detailed review

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