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Waybelive LED Basketball Hoop Lights review

Best selling glow in the dark LED hoop lights, great to play outdoors

We’ve just reviewed a full size glow in the dark basketball and a mini basketball hoop to play indoors. Here comes another way to bright up your basketball games: the LED hoop lights. It’s a cool novelty item which you can easily attach to the rim of your basketball hoop to see the rim after dark and easily follow the score of the game.

Kids and adults alike love the excitement provided by this LED hoop light kit. It’s cheap (less than $20) and powered by batteries. You can attach the battery case anywhere using the 3M adhesive tape provided with the kit.

The rim lights are shielded by protective tubing to withstand the strongest slams, no worries. You can change the color of the LED lights via the small remote control. There are 16 different colors. You can also fine tune the rebound sensitivity.

The lights are easy to zip-tie around the rim. You get small zip ties to hold the power cord along the brace bar.

Why is this hoop lights kit an exciting glow in the dark product?

  • it adds another dimension to a night time basketball game
  • it’s really bright, you won’t miss the hoop
  • since it uses LED lights, it doesn’t need a lot of energy, the brightness can last for hours
  • the tube is very sturdy, can withstand the strongest slams
  • the battery case is properly sealed, no risk of water damage
9.5Expert Score
LED hoop lights kit

enhances basketball games after dark

Value for money
Colors selection
  • very easy to install
  • durable, withstands slams
  • nice selection of colors
  • you can control the rebound sensitivity

What people love about this glow in the dark hoop lights kit?

  • it’s so much fun to play basketball outdoors in the dark when you can see the hoop flashing when you play (it doesn’t record the score but at least you can see when you score)
  • the kit is very well made, feels very sturdy
  • it’s so exciting to get a visual cue when you hit the rim
  • the colorful lights are really cool and the remote is a must

Tips to use this luminous hoop lights kit

  • take your time to properly zip-tie the LED tube and the power cord
  • make sure you secure the battery case in a safe place
  • don’t forget the remote control when you got out playing, otherwise you won’t be able to change the colors during the game

If you’re looking for a great glow in the dark LED hoop lights, you can find this product on Amazon.

Waybelive LED Basketball Hoop Lights review
Waybelive LED Basketball Hoop Lights review

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