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Vrenmol pack of 6 bottles of bright Glow in the Dark nail polish, detailed review

Pack of 6 Bottles of Vrenmol Glow in the Dark Nail Polish Neon Shellac

Are you a fan of everything that glows in the dark ? Do you wish to glow from head to toe and finger as we should say in this case ?

Why limit yourself to glow in the dark accessories or clothes when you can also make your fingernails glow in vivid neon colors ?

Why is this Vrenmol fluorescent nail polish such a great glow in the dark product?

  • Your order contains 6 bottles of nail polish of 8 ml each. The colors are Aurora Light, Bluelight, Nightlight, Solar, Aurora Green and White Jewel.
  • These nail polishes are non-toxic, environmental-friendly.
  • The polish has a very low smell and is very durable. It can last up to 2-3 weeks.
  • This fluorescent nail polish needs to be charged under a light source before it can glow. So if you walk outside during the day, your fingernails will automatically start to glow once it gets dark.
  • These bottles of nail polish are presented in a beautiful box. You can easily use this as a gift set and surprise your lady or girlfriend. Or you can just keep it for yourself !
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Vrenmol 6 bottles of Glow in the dark nail polish

Bright fluorescent nail polish

Glow time
Color types
  • 8ml bottles
  • low smell
  • 6 neon colors per order
  • long lasting effect
  • this nail polish is rather thick

What people love about this Vrenmol glow in the dark nail polish

  • Your nails will glow for a very long time when charged properly. Their glow will accompany you during the night and follow you all through the night.
  • Customers report using this as a high-visibility feature ! The neon green gives the best effect.
  • This nail polish also looks really great during the day.

Tips to use this Vrenmol glow in the dark nail polish

  • Before use, shake the bottle well to mix the luminous powder and the color gel fully blend.
  • This nail polish is thicker than ordinary color gel.
  • Apply 2 to 3 coats for optimal effect. Use a base and top coat when applying this nail polish (you will have to buy this separately).
  • You will need a UV light to cure this polish, it will not dry on its own.
  • After curing, there will be a tacky layer on top of the polish. Use rubbing alcohol and a cotton stick to wipe it off.
  • To make this nail polish glow, you need to expose your fingernails to a bright light source. This can be a light bulb, UV light or direct sunlight. The more you expose your fingernails, the longer and brighter the polish will glow.

Capture everyone’s attention with beautifully manicured hands and glow in the dark fingernails !

Vrenmol pack of 6 bottles of bright Glow in the Dark nail polish, detailed review
Vrenmol pack of 6 bottles of bright Glow in the Dark nail polish, detailed review

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