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UV Glow neon face and body crayons review

Best selling black light face and body paint

After our review of Midnight Glo products and UV Glow Black Light Face and Body Paint, we will complete our round-up of skin-friendly with a set of 8 neon crayons.

You’ll get 8 vivid colors in this set: pink, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, white and red. All these neon colors will glow when exposed to UV black light.

They’re the easiest way to draw lines and shapes on your skin for a glow in the dark party. They will produce a nice glow even in day light but will deliver their optimal glow under black light, in a dark room.

Why is this 8-pack of face and body crayons a great fluo product?

  • It has received more than 100 positive ratings
  • the product is available in 8 different neon colors, all delivering an exceptionally bright fluo glow
  • the neon colors are also very bright in natural day light
9.5Expert Score
Black light face and body crayons

reacts to UV black light, perfect for glow in the dark parties

Value for money
Ease of use
Safe for the skin
  • the 8 neon colors are vivid, even in day light
  • the product is very easy to apply and to wash off
  • neon colors react instantly to UV light

What people like about this black light kit of face and body crayons?

  • it’s very easy to draw lines and shapes on your body with these crayons, they will live up to your expectations
  • drawing on your face with these neon crayons is very entertaining for kids and adults alike
  • the neon compound glows brightly when exposed to black light
  • all fluo shades are gorgeous, delivering a bright neon glow
  • they’re great to brighten up a yoga class
  • these neon crayons are perfect for all glow in the dark parties, night clubs, school disco, EDM music festivals, raves, concerts, etc.

Tips to use this kit of black light face and body sticks

  • remember that to emit light in the dark these crayons require UV black light, the material doesn’t store light energy like other phosphorescent products
  • avoid to apply paint around your eyes

If you’re looking for black light face and body crayons, you can find this quality kit on Amazon.

UV Glow neon face and body crayons review
UV Glow neon face and body crayons review

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