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Turnmeon set of 500 glow sticks for neon parties, full review

Best selling 500 glow sticks, huge set for glow in the dark parties

If you need A LOT of glow sticks for your glow in the dark party, here’s the perfect pick: a Turnmeon set of 500 glow sticks in 5 packs. That’s a lot of neon sticks to create bracelets, necklaces, flowers, balloons and plenty of other 3D fluo shapes.

In this set you’ll get 500 sticks and 500 connectors. These sticks are the perfect party supplies for Halloween, birthdays, New Years’s Eve, etc.

After activation these long glow sticks will deliver a powerful glow for 8 to 10 hours, depending on weather conditions. Then the glow will slowly fades awa. You can’t re-use the sticks after they’ve been cracked. So only crack the ones you want to use.

With the connectors provided in the set you can easily form all sorts of gorgeous shapes with these glow sticks. People usually make bracelets, necklaces, eyeglasses, flowers, balloons and other 3D creations.

Why is this huge pack of neon sticks a great fluorescent product?

  • in this set you get both the usual long glow sticks and extra thick whistle shape glow sticks, a great mix for a successful neon party
  • the sticks are very easy to crack and very safe to use
  • you can make necklaces with the thick sticks using the black plastic strings provided in the set
  • you don’t need to charge these sticks with ambient light beforehand, they glow on their own in the dark
9.5Expert Score
whistle shape glow sticks and long glow sticks

a mixed set which will ensure hours of glowing fun

Value for money
Ease of use
  • the neon colors are vivid
  • the product is very easy &amp
  • safe to use
  • glow sticks don't need to be charged with light
  • you get both long glow sticks and whistle shape glow sticks

What people like about these fluo sticks?

  • you get a lot of sticks with this offer: 500 + 500 connectors
  • these sticks deliver a long lasting glow (up to 10 hours)

Tips to use these neon sticks

  • you can create mesmerizing glowing props by throwing the thick glow sticks into water bottles
  • bear in mind that you can’t freeze or reuse these glow sticks after cracking them. They will glow for 8 to 10 hours
  • the glow will last longer in cold weather (great for Halloween or Christmas) and it will be brighter in hot weather (great for summer rave parties)

If you’re looking for a lot of glow sticks, you can find this huge set of 500 sticks on Amazon.

Turnmeon set of 500 glow sticks for neon parties, full review
Turnmeon set of 500 glow sticks for neon parties, full review

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