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Tongue or nipple barbell ring, pack of 36pcs , full review

Best selling tongue or nipple rings, 3 styles, multiple colors

In this post we will review another type of ring, an acrylic tongue or nipple barbell which can be used as a piercing. The product we’ll review is a pack of 36pcs which you can find on Amazon (for less than $12 at time of writing).

There are three different types of barbell rings in this 36-pack: solid color barbells, glitter ball barbells and glow in the dark barbells. All of these rings are made of high quality plastic, a safe hypoallergenic material, nickel-free, harmless to your skin. It’s the perfect healthy pick to get a great piercing on your tongue or on your nipples.

This value pack offers you a broad selection of styles and colors. The straight bar of the barbell is 16mm long, the balls have a diameter of 6mm, a small cute intimate jewel.

These cute barbells can be used both as nipple ring or as a tongue ring, depending on where you want to place them. The brand selling them on Amazon offers a 90-day Money Back Guarantee if you’re not satisfied with your purchase. The rings are supplied in a free velvet bag, a very nice bonus.

Why are these barbell rings a great glow in the dark product?

  • 12 out of 36 pcs in this pack will glow in the dark (if you expose them to UV black light or if you charge them with enough direct light before using them in the dark)
  • these rings can be used both for tongue and nipple piercings
  • since they’re made of hypoallergenic plastic, nickel-free, they’re totally safe to use, nothing to worry about
  • you can easily take them off and replace them at your leisure
  • they’re very affordable
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Shiny tongue or nipple rings

the perfect intimate jewel

Three different styles
Multiple colors
Easy to use
Value for money
  • wide selection of colors and styles
  • easy to charge with sunlight or flashlight
  • perfect gift for loved ones
  • made of plastic
  • very nice glow
  • very comfortable to wear

What people love about these tongue and nipple rings?

  • they’re delivered with a beautiful velvet bag, very nice to carry the whole pack of rings
  • these tongue and nipple rings shine very nicely in the dark after a short exposition to a flashlight or to sunlight
  • the colors and styles are super trendy
  • this pack is also a great gift for any occasion

Tips to use these tongue and nipple rings

  • remember that you need to charge the rings with light before they glow in the dark
  • always ask a professional to place these rings in your tongue or nipples

If you’re looking for trendy tongue or nipple rings you can find this pack on Amazon.

Tongue or nipple barbell ring, pack of 36pcs , full review
Tongue or nipple barbell ring, pack of 36pcs , full review

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