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SZTOPFOCUS sparkly furry glow in the dark Jacket, detailed review

LED rainbow sparkly faux fur coat for woman

Chosing the correct outfit can be tricky. You don’t want to freeze when you go out in the fall or winter, that’s one thing. But you can’t put on a sweater without looking lame of course. And it needs to be festive, original and you definitely want to be an eye-catcher.

The product that we chose is the best solution for all the problems mentioned above : you will definitely not be cold, you will look original and best of all, you glow ! Yes, you read that right, your jacket glows in the dark !

Why is this SZTOPFOCUS sparkly and furry jacket a great glow in the dark product?

  • You surely never saw anything this cool for such an amazing price
  • This jacket is a definite showstopper, no one else will be wearing this on the dance floor.
  • The jacket is made from 70% acrylic and 30% polyester.
  • The sparkling glowing effect is obtained by 160 built-in LED string lights that are battery powered (batteries not included).
  • You can get this jacket in three sizes : small, medium and large.
  • This is not just a one-time piece of clothing, you can wear it at multiple festive occasions.

9.5Expert Score
Glow in the dark sparkling rainbow jacket

All eyes on you with this fluffy glowing jacket

Size choice
  • very comfortable and warm material
  • can be worn as a regular jacket
  • can be machine washed
  • front and back LED lights
  • this jacket is not waterproof

What people love about this fluffy rainbow glow in the dark jacket

  • It’s so much fun to wear this kind of jacket, people around are simply stunned.
  • The jacket is so fluffy and soft.
  • It’s warm and windproof, but it doesn’t have a zipper
  • This jacket can be worn by men and women alike, it’s such a great look for clubs, parties, carnival, stage performances etc.
  • The inner lining is very soft, the jacket is made out of woollen cloth.

Tips to use this fluffy rainbow glow in the dark jacket

  • This fluffy jacket can we washed at a maximum temperature of 35°C (95°F)
  • DO NOT tumble dry, bleach, wring or iron this jacket
  • For drying, you have to hang it in a cool or shaded place, avoid hanging it in direct sunlight
  • You can’t dry clean this product, because the lights can’t be removed.
  • If you don’t turn on the LED lights, than you can wear it as a white faux fur jacket.
  • You will need 6 batteries to make this jacket sparkle, AA 1.5V (batteries not included). You will find a small battery box on the inside of the jacket, one on each side.
  • Prior to first wearing this jacket, blow it with a hair dryer and straighten out the fur with a comb.

A unique fluffy and sparkling faux fur LED glow in the dark jacket !

SZTOPFOCUS sparkly furry glow in the dark Jacket, detailed review
SZTOPFOCUS sparkly furry glow in the dark Jacket, detailed review

Glow In The Darkness