Supplies Sense eco-friendly glow in the dark blacklight party tape, detailed review

5 rolls of eco-friendly Glow in the Dark UV Blacklight Party Tape

Why settle for a blacklight party tape that doesn’t glow brightly ? Supplies Sense has developed a UV blacklight tape that glows brighter than the competition and lasts longer. These rolls of party tape are the perfect decoration for the coolest party.

With a length of 20 ft (6 m) per roll, this tape is super cost-effective. It is an Amazon’s Choice product.

You will need blacklight to make this party tape glow, it is UV reflective.

Why is this Supplies Sense fluorescent party tape a great glow in the dark product?

  • Each pack of Glowsland fluorescent tape contains 5 different colors that lighten up best under UV blacklight : green, blue, pink, yellow and orange.
  • This tape already looks great under sunlight, which means you can use it as regular tape as well. Putting it under blacklight will bring out the best of this tape and make it glow up.
  • Unlike other tape that leaves a sticky residue or simply peels off the paint off your walls, this tape strikes the perfect balance between stickiness without being too sticky.
  • This tape is knife and scissors free. You can just tear a piece off with your fingers.
  • The tape is 0.5 inch wide and there’s 20 ft on each roll, that’s 1.27 cm wide and 6 m long.
  • For every pack that is sold, the seller plants a tree to balance out the carbon footprint.
  • This tape is made out of 40% recycled goods.
  • No residue left on the floor or surface when removing this tape.
  • If you are not happy with your purchase for any reason, the seller can be contacted and will make it right for you.

9.5Expert Score
Organize the coolest blacklight party with this fluorescent tape!

High quality blacklight party tape

Number of items in pack
Variety of items
Visibility rate
  • highly luminous
  • non-toxic and pet-friendly
  • eco-friendly
  • waterproof
  • child-friendly, pet-friendly
  • easy to apply and remove
  • Difficult to remove from lacquered wooden surfaces, might leave discoloration

What people love about this glow in the dark fluorescent party tape

  • Very friendly customer service
  • The tape can be used for stage performances and on clothing, for instance for safer night-time bike rides
  • This fluorescent tape last all night, say goodbye to a sad, dull flicker
  • The tape lights up under blacklight UV light
  • Great for any party occasion : birthday parties, Halloween parties, psychedelic themes, neon parties
  • Worry-free, safe to use for children and around pets
  • One roll is 20 ft long
  • This tape is fun for you and good for the planet. For each pack that you buy, a tree is planted.
  • This tape is the only one on the market made out of 40% recycled material.

Tips to use this glow in the dark fluorescent party tape

  • Can be used on floors, walls and doors, but works best on non-porous surfaces
  • This tape is sticky enough to last long and leaves your paint job intact.
  • You can stick them on the floor in the form of an arrow to mark the exits !
  • Great to use for blacklight sports events : you can easily make a grid on the floor
  • Can be used to highlight luggage, makes it easier to find !

Eo-friendly, party made from recycled materials bright blacklight party tape!

Supplies Sense eco-friendly glow in the dark blacklight party tape, detailed review
Supplies Sense eco-friendly glow in the dark blacklight party tape, detailed review

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