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Shimery 65.6ft LED strip lights, black light rope, full review

Best selling LED strip light, 16 million colors

The second product we will review among LED light ropes is more a strip than a rope (it has flat section). It’s twice longer than the 33ft light rope we first reviewed (it’s actually a combination of 2 reels of 32.5 ft).

The cool thing is that it can also be remotely managed via a mobile app which gives you a granular control on 16 million (yes, million) colors and effects. This LED strip has also a smart music mode which reacts to sound! It will set the perfect party ambiance. The mobile application is called Lotus Lantern and can be downloaded from the usual app stores.

The whole strip is covered by an adhesive tape to stick it to any surface. The product itself is IP65 waterproof but it’s better to avoid contact between water and the adhesive part.

This product should be used indoors or outdoors in places where rain can’t damage the adhesive tape.

Why is this strip light a great glow in the dark product?

  • It’s very easy to operate both via the supplied remote control and via a mobile application, giving you granular control on colors and effects
  • the product is waterproof but the adhesive tape should be kept away from water
  • it’s the perfect Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving, birthdays or Valentine’s Day decoration. It can also be used for any other party! Since it reacts to ambient sound it will set the perfect mood for your celebration.
  • you can stick this strip light anywhere
9Expert Score
16 million colors at the tap of a button

a long LED strip for all occasions

Easy of use, incl. mobile app
  • great Christmas, Birthday or Halloween decoration
  • easy to switch on/off + control colors via remote and app
  • perfect to stick wherever you want
  • waterproof, but preferably used indoors

What people love about this long LED strip light

  • it can enhance all sorts of architectural details
  • it sets the perfect mood for any party thanks to its music sensor
  • it doesn’t use a lot of power
  • it’s an amazing way to brighten up your bedroom or your kitchen
  • it’s very sturdy, won’t need to be replaced

Tips to use this long LED strip light

  • the adhesive tape sticks very well but don’t forget to clean the surfaces where you want to place the strip light
  • even if the product is IP65 waterproof, it’s better to keep the adhesive tape away from water
  • if you connect 2 reels, make sure they’re attached to the IR controller to manage them via the supplied remote control
  • the product is by nature very bright but it can be easily dimmed

If you’re looking for a long versatile LED strip light you can find this product on Amazon.

Shimery 65.6ft LED strip lights, black light rope, full review
Shimery 65.6ft LED strip lights, black light rope, full review

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