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Quik2U tactical unicorn glow in the dark morale patch review

Best selling unicorn glow in the dark morale patch

We’ve reviewed a blank rectangle-shaped Embrite morale patch, which is a favourite among customers simply looking for a powerful glow.

If you fancy an unusual design, you may like this tactical unicorn glow in the dark morale patch. It’s 3.5″ by 4.5″, slightly larger than the Embrite model, and it fully glows, except for the dark parts of the gun carried by the armed unicorn (Why would a unicorn fire a gun? Well, why not?).

If you’re a unicorn fan – and that’s a trendy topic – this might be the perfect morale patch for you. And apparently it has an audience of unicorn geeks, as confirmed by the reviews. “How freaking awesome is that” says a satisfied customer. “it’s dope (and glows in the dark)” says another one.

As the saying goes, there’s an audience for everything on the web, even angry unicorns holding an AR15…

Why is this unicorn morale patch a great glow in the dark product?

  • well it does the job: it’s a morale patch, inspired by army insignias, and it glows in the dark after being exposed to indoor room light or sunlight (or UV / black light). What else?
9Expert Score
Tactical unicorn morale patch

the beast glows in the dark

Value for money
Illumination time
  • easy to sew on clothes or bags
  • durable
  • green glow
  • long lasting glowing effect
  • The gun doesn't glow

What people love about this unicorn patch?

  • the design of the patch is quite unusual (a unicorn holding a gun)
  • the patch glows in the dark
  • it speaks for itself

Tips to use this unicorn morale patch

  • charge it for as long as you can before using it in the dark. When exposedto a bright light source it will deliver a powerful glow for a few hours
  • don’t expect the product to shine during the day. It will only emit light after dark
  • the product is best energized when exposed to the UV part of the light spectrum. That’s why it glows much better after being exposed to sunlight or to UV / black light.

If you’re looking for an original unicorn glow in the dark morale patch, you can find this novelty item on Amazon.

Quik2U tactical unicorn glow in the dark morale patch review
Quik2U tactical unicorn glow in the dark morale patch review

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