Parlaim glow in the dark ceiling stars and planets, detailed review

Assortment of 79 glow in the dark stars and planet stickers

This great assortment of 79 ceiling stickers will appeal to the youngest astronauts and space lovers! Which child doesn’t dream of floating among the stars in the night sky? Let these stars accompany you in your space dreams and make you drift off smoothly.

Why is this Parlaim Glow in the dark ceiling stars and planets kit a great glow in the dark product?

  • This assortment of 79 plastic stickers contain the 9 planets of our solar system, and 70 bright stars to surround them.
  • This product has a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Should you not be satisfied, you will get a full refund or a free exchange.
  • Great for curious minds and science-loving children
  • These stickers are easy to apply and are made from removable self-adhesive pvc material.
  • The sticker are safe and non-toxic.
  • They don’t damage the wall when removing them.
  • The stickers have a good size : MARS: 5’’, VENUS: 6’’, MERCURY: 6.8’’ URANUS: 7’’, EARTH: 7’’, SUN: 10.5’’, NEPTUNE: 9’’, JUPITER:10.7’’, SATURN: 5.6’’ * 15.4’’.

9Expert Score
A glow in the dark solar system a few inches away!

Float amongst the stars under this starry sky

Number of items in pack
Variety of items
  • high quality promise
  • highly luminous
  • 79 stickers
  • detailed stickers
  • durable and safe
  • easy to apply and remove
  • Some stickers peel off easily (but can be easily stuck back)

What people love about these glow in the dark ceiling stars

  • This set encourages your child’s interest in science
  • The stickers are presented on smaller sheets, not on one big sheet. This makes it easy to peel them off.
  • The stickers can be applied to almost any clean, dry and smooth surface : paint, wood, glass surfaces, …. But be careful, they are not suitable for textured walls, drop ash peeling walls, hollow walls and rugged walls
  • These stickers have a green glow
  • They light up after being exposed to a light source for 15 to 30 minutes
  • The stickers turn out even better than advertised.
  • The instructions are easy to follow.
  • Decorating the room together is a lovely activity for parents and children.
  • The sun, Earth and planets are beautifully designed and very accurate, nice details
  • You can easily reposition the stickers if you work carefully, they don’t leave a residue behind when you remove them.

Tips to use these glow in the dark ceiling stars

  • It’s a great way to discuss the topic of the vast universe with your children
  • Some parents use the number of stars to practice counting with their children
  • You can learn the name of the planets with this very educational set
  • Position a few smaller stars around the light switch in the bedroom to guide your child in the middle of the night.
  • You can stick the stars on fabric, just use some reinforced glue dots, like the ones you would use for scrapbooking.

Learn about the wonders of our galaxy with these glow in the dark stars and planets.

Parlaim glow in the dark ceiling stars and planets, detailed review
Parlaim glow in the dark ceiling stars and planets, detailed review

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