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Neon Sharpies UV black light Glow in the Dark Markers, detailed review

Everyone know what a Sharpie is ! These high-quality markers are omnipresent in our lives, we can't imagine a day when they weren't there. Did you know that besides the regular Sharpies, there are also neon marker that glow in the dark under UV ...

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Glowstars Glow in the Dark Markers set, detailed review

Is your child a little artist who loves to draw and has a hard time putting markers and pencils down when it's time to go to bed ? The Glowstars glow in the dark creations only come to light in the dark. So your child needs to finish his or her ...

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ZHMA 100W Glow in the Dark Black Light bulbs stage light, detailed review

Have you ever heard of fluorescent black light ? It can make your party or event so much more atmospheric and original by highlighting certain features. It's the perfect idea for original gigs and parties. If you coat any decorative element with ...

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Bulk pack of 12 jars of glow in the dark slime, full review

We've already reviewed another pack of 12 assorted slime jars. This one is a nice alternative, also an absolute favourite with customers looking for the perfect slime kit. The jars look kind of small but most consumers said that they're actually ...

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Calhoun glow in the dark Skeleton Zip Hoodie Jacket, detailed review

You've got the regular Halloween stuff like vampire outfits, skeletons, witches' capes and hats, and then you've got all this in a cooler version... You can now buy glow in the dark costumes and jackets and make sure the details on your costume ...

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