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Michael Miller Super Fred Glow in the Dark fabric, detailed review

Blast off and go on a supersonic galactic adventure with Super Fred the robot and his best friend Mike ! Travel to a galaxy far away and whizz through the stars and the planets with this glow in the dark quilt fabric. Complete the design of your ...

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Glow in the dark GlowCity light up LED football, full review

"Glow in the dark" is a favourite product feature in many popular sports. We've already talked about glow in the dark mini golf. We will now review a selection of glow in the dark LED footballs. We'll start with an Amazon best seller, supplied by ...

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Neon Sharpies UV black light Glow in the Dark Markers, detailed review

Everyone know what a Sharpie is ! These high-quality markers are omnipresent in our lives, we can't imagine a day when they weren't there. Did you know that besides the regular Sharpies, there are also neon marker that glow in the dark under UV ...

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Procart Luminescent Glow in the Dark fabric, detailed review

Looking for some inspiration for a spooky Halloween costume ? Why not turn yourself into a glowing ghost with this glow in the dark fabric ? Why is this luminescent fabric such a great glow in the dark product? This piece of textile is made ...

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Lava The Original Glow in the dark lava lamp, full review

This product is the kind of lamp you can expect when you're thinking about THE iconic lava lamp. The Lava Lamp was originally named the Astro Lamp. This product was discovered in 1965 at a trade show in Brussels by 2 American entrepreneurs. It ...

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