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King Will Aurora Celtic Dragon unisex glowing ring, full review

After our first two reviews (a pack of 36 glowing rings and a pack of 50 Halloween rings), here comes another review, of a single glowing ring this time, the gorgeous King Will Aurora Celtic ring, the perfect gift for all occasions: engagement, ...

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36-pack glow in the dark rings, Halloween party favors, full review

If you want to celebrate Halloween in an exciting glowing atmosphere, it could be nice to distribute glow in the dark rings to your guests. They're the perfect party favors. Kids also love these glowing rings. We will review a few best selling ...

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Masbrill Light Up LED Glow in the Dark dog collar, detailed review

Feel safe and seen on your daily dog walks at any hour of the day with this cool LED dog collar. Why are this Masbrill Light Up LED dog collar such a great glow in the dark product? The collar is made from polyester webbing and contains high ...

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GlowCity glow in the dark basketball review

We've already reviewed glow in the dark footballs. If you're into basketball, there are also glowing balls for your favourite sport. We're going to review a few of them. Let's start with the GlowCity glow in the dark basketball. The ball is ...

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Chefmaster glow in the dark neon Air Brush food coloring, detailed review

Do you want to surprise your family this year and bake with food coloring ? You can mix any color you like, your cakes will be absolutely stunning. You can use this kind of food coloring outside of the kitchen as well, for your arts and crafts ...

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