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Pack of 50 Halloween glowing rings, full review

Best selling glow in the dark Halloween rings, 10 different characters

We’ve already reviewed another pack of glowing rings but this one really stands out, especially for Halloween. The designs are absolutely amazing, truly eye catching. In this pack of 50 rings you’ll find 10 different Halloween-themed characters: a ghost ring, a pumpkin ring, a spider ring, a few skull / pirate rings and a mask ring.

You can mix these glowing rings on your hands. As you can see on the main picture, it’s possible to wear a different ring on each finger (if you’re an adult and spread your fingers open).

The ring itself is very elastic, easy to stretch to fit all finger sizes. The material is very soft (environment-friendly TPR). These rings are very comfortable to wear for all festive occasions.

Besides wearing them as traditional rings you can also use these decorations on cakes, in your hair, on a table,… anywhere.

Why is this pack of 50 rings a great glow in the dark selection?

  • these glowing rings are a favourite gift or party favor for all celebrations: weddings, birthdays, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s Eve,… Your guests will love these shiny rings!
  • you don’t need to install any battery, these are already installed in the rings, which can be used straight away
  • they are the perfect scary jewel accessory for a glow in the dark Halloween party
  • they’re non toxic, made of skin-friendly TPR material
  • they’re very comfortable to wear in all circumstances
  • they can also be used as glowing decoration on tables, in your hair, etc.
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50 flashing glowing rings

the perfect Halloween gifts or party favors

Selection of colors
Variety of characters
Safe to use
Power saving
Value for money
  • varied selection of 10 different characters
  • easy to switch on/off, ready to use
  • perfect as party favors
  • non toxic
  • scary glow in the dark
  • an affordable Halloween accessory

What people love about these glowing rings?

  • they’re delivered in a very nice cardboard box, a neat presentation
  • the characters are an amazing selection of spooky favourites: ghost, mask, pirate, skull, spider, etc.
  • the glow effect lasts for a very long time
  • they can also flash, which enhances the spooky effect, a great bonus for Halloween
  • kids and adults love these rings which make a perfect party favor
  • they’re very affordable (the full pack was less than $15 at time of writing)

Tips to use these glow in the dark Halloween rings

  • remember that they will run out of power after a while
  • store these glowing products in a cool place when not used
  • never try to chew these rings (don’t give them to kids under 3)
  • don’t wear them at work, your boss might be scared

If you’re looking for a great pack of 50 Halloween glowing rings you can find this box on Amazon.

Pack of 50 Halloween glowing rings, full review
Pack of 50 Halloween glowing rings, full review

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