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ONE glowing pleasures glow in the dark condoms, full review

Best selling glow in the dark condoms, 3 different packs

Today we’re launching a new category in our glowing reviews with a very popular query on Google: “glow in the dark condoms“. You probably know what a condom is: this little flexible piece of lubricated latex men use for safe sex. But did you know that condoms can glow in the dark when exposed to UV light or charged with light? Some of them at least (by the way, semen also glows in the dark).

There won’t be much to say for each of the products we’ll review since all of them are safe to use and provide a comparable pleasurable experience. Their descriptions are usually very short. The difference between the items will essentially be in packaging and price per pack. The nicest part of this post will be our review of the user reviews 😉 Some of them are hilarious.

The first set of glow in the dark condoms we’ll present is marketed by a company called ONE. They offer you packs of 12, 24 and 48 condoms, which, in their words, will provide a “new experience with your partner”, a glowing moment of joy & pleasure. As they say on the packaging itself, it’s One To Light The Way.

Why is this set of condoms a great glow in the dark product?

  • as ONE states it in their very short description, these condoms will provide a new experience with your partner. It’s that simple.
9.5Expert Score
A glowing experience

these condoms glow in the dark

Brightness after dark
  • nice packaging, easy to open
  • they do actually glow in the dark
  • pleasure enhancer
  • original way of breaking the ice
  • very comfortable to wear
  • you will probably laugh

What people love about these glow in the dark condoms?

  • it’s like having your own light saber, don’t be left in the dark
  • they’re the real deal if you play astronaut and alien
  • you can also buy them not for sex, just for fun (or for fun & sex, your choice)
  • they’re hilarious in the dark
  • just excellent, a great product

Tips to use these glowing condoms

  • you need to expose them to light to make them glow (they’re phosphorescent)
  • never use them twice

If you’re looking for a condom to enhance your sexual experience with a good laugh, you can find this product on Amazon.

ONE glowing pleasures glow in the dark condoms, full review
ONE glowing pleasures glow in the dark condoms, full review

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