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Ollny 100 LED rope 33ft black light rope, full review

Best selling Ollny LED light rope, 16 colors

One of the trendy terms you’ll come across when scouring the web for glow in the dark products is black light rope. Interestingly when you type this keyword into Amazon search field, you mostly see long LED ropes which can be used for Christmas or Halloween decorations.

On some other websites, we’ve seen black light ropes which are used in a kinkier setting, for bondage purposes (Shibari and BDSM play). Here’s an example from etsy.

black light bondage rope

The first product we’re going to review is more family-friendly, as we said, to be used as a twinkling artefact in festive circumstances.

This product can shine in 16 different colors. It’s controlled via a small remote which also enables you to adapt the blinking speed and to select a series of color fading or jump modes.

This light rope is powered via USB. It is 33 ft (10m) long. The rope itself is waterproof but you’ll have to protect the USB plug from water.

The thick transparent tube is both very solid and flexible. You can create all sorts of crazy shapes with these rope lights, your imagination is the limit!

Why is this Ollny light rope a great glow in the dark product?

  • It’s very easy to operate via the supplied remote control: turn on/off, blinking speed, choice of 16 colors, color lights fade, color lights jump, etc.
  • the product is waterproof and can be used both indoors and outdoors
  • it’s the perfect Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving, birthdays or Valentine’s Day decoration. It can also be used for a rave party!
  • you can create all sorts of shapes with this flexible light rope
9Expert Score
33ft of blinking magic

the perfect Christmas or Halloween decoration

Easy of use
Blinking mode
  • great Christmas or Halloween decoration
  • easy to switch on/off + control colors via remote
  • perfect to create all sorts of shapes
  • waterproof, can be used indoors and outdoors

What people love about this Ollny light rope

  • it’s the perfect flexible light rope for creative uses
  • it blinks nicely both indoors and outdoors, in all seasons
  • it doesn’t consume a lot of power (USB, low voltage)
  • it’s very sturdy, can be used for multiple years

Tips to use this Ollny light rope

  • even if the product is IP65 waterproof, the USB plug is not, so it should be protected if you intend to use this light rope outdoors
  • if you set the product to timer and change the mode it won’t affect the timing schedule
  • if you switch off the light rope it will remember the last mode you’ve set

If you’re looking for a great LED light rope you can find this product on Amazon.

Ollny 100 LED rope 33ft black light rope, full review
Ollny 100 LED rope 33ft black light rope, full review

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