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Nightmatch Glow in the dark LED football, full review

Best selling LED football, size 6

We continue our reviews of glow in the dark LED-powered footballs with a very nice model by Nightmatch (official size 6).

This glowing football features two impact activated LEDs which are triggered when the ball is bounced or kicked by the players. The full football lights up in a shiny orange glow. The glowing effect stops either when you end your game session or after 30 seconds of inactivity.

This glowing LED football is a perfect gift for all festive occasions.

Why is this Nightmatch football a great glow in the dark product?

  • the LED lights are triggered on impact, which is an exciting kickoff for your game session
  • this glowing product is supplied with 3 batteries. It’s ready to use. The batteries will last for about 30 hours of continuous playing. It’s very easy to replace the batteries with the tool supplied by the seller
  • a small pump is supplied with the football
  • this glow in the dark football is a great fluorescent toy with which you can play anywhere you want: in your backyard, on the beach during the holidays, at school, in the park, etc. Kids and adults love the nice glow of this glowing football
  • it’s a very durable product, water resistant. It’s a size 6, which can be used by players of all ages
  • this glowing football is a perfect gift for all occasions
9.5Expert Score
stunning orange glow

triggered when kicked or bounced

Bright glow
Batteries included
Long lasting power
Customer service
  • glow triggered on impact
  • 3 pre-installed batteries
  • batteries &amp
  • LED are easy to replace
  • Looks stunning in the dark
  • Durable quality product
  • Glow stops automatically after 30 seconds of inactivity
  • It's a perfect gift both for adults &amp
  • kids
  • Pump provided with the ball
  • Replacement batteries can be expensive

What people love about this glowing LED football

  • it’s a huge hit with kids & teens, they love to play football at night with this LED ball
  • it’s fast to inflate and easy to throw, it has a very nice grip
  • the 3 LR-44 batteries are very easy to replace: just pull out a little rubber plug in the ball, slide off a plastic sleeve under the LED light and replace your batteries before putting the light back into the ball, it takes 2 minutes
  • it makes a perfect birthday gift for football fans

Tips to use this glow in the dark football

  • remember that you have to constantly bounce / kick the ball to keep it lit
  • when you’re out for a game, always take 3 small batteries with you, just in case you need to replace the batteries in the middle of a game (batteries last for roughly 30 hours of playing)
  • don’t forget that you’ll need the provided pump to inflate the football
  • even if it’s waterproof don’t play with it in the swimming pool since it might damage the lights

If you’re looking for a stunning glow in the dark football you can find this product on Amazon.

Nightmatch Glow in the dark LED football, full review
Nightmatch Glow in the dark LED football, full review

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