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Night Light glow in the dark latex condoms, full review

Best selling Night Light glow in the dark condoms, 12

We’ve reviewed a pack of glow in the dark condoms sold in bulk and another one nicely presented in a silver pocket case. It’s time now for the last of our three condom reviews. It’s the same kind of product (a condom is a condom) marketed by another brand, aptly named Night Light. I would have thought there would be a Night Saber or Sex Saber brand in the mix. If anyone there wants to innovate, don’t hesitate 😉

The set consists of 12 lubricated latex condoms. They will flow and glow nicely. You can expect a good laugh when you break the ice.

These condoms have an expiration date of at least 2 years from the date of purchase but I guess you’ll probably need to restock before that, won’t you?

Why is this set of latex condoms a great glow in the dark product?

  • they’re good condoms, they do the job and on top of that they glow in the dark. What else? Let yourself go, it’s time to have fun.
9.5Expert Score
A great glow in the flow

these condoms will help your stick glow in the dark

Brightness after dark
  • nice packaging, easy to open
  • they do actually glow in the dark
  • pleasure enhancer
  • original way of breaking the ice
  • very comfortable to wear
  • they'll be the perfect light in the night
  • you will laugh, for sure

What people love about these latex glow in the dark condoms?

  • they make you last longer in bed
  • glow in the dark makes things extra kinky at night
  • it’s so fun to have sex and see the condom dancing in the dark
  • it’s pointless but it’s fun
  • nice novelty to spice up the action
  • they show you the way to pleasure

Tips to use these nice glowing condoms

  • they’re a bit thick so they might not be the best choice if you’re looking for a naked feeling
  • you need to expose them to direct light to charge them (they contain a phosphorescent pigment)
  • obvious one: never use them twice, that’s not how you do it
  • always pay attention to the expiration dates (even if you’ll probably use them before they expire)

If you’re looking for a luminous novelty item to enhance your sexual experience with a great laugh, you can find this product on Amazon.

Night Light glow in the dark latex condoms, full review
Night Light glow in the dark latex condoms, full review

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