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Neon Sharpies UV black light Glow in the Dark Markers, detailed review

Set of 5 Neon Sharpies UV Black Light Glow in the Dark Markers

Everyone know what a Sharpie is ! These high-quality markers are omnipresent in our lives, we can’t imagine a day when they weren’t there.

Did you know that besides the regular Sharpies, there are also neon marker that glow in the dark under UV black light ?

You can use these neon markers like regular ones during daylight, but they become fluorescent when you expose them to UV black light.

Why are these neon Sharpie Markers a great glow in the dark product?

  • These neon Sharpies deliver super bright colorful markings during the day, but glow vividly in the dark under UV black light.
  • The ink of these markers dries up very quickly
  • These markers are waterproof, smear proof and fade resistant.
  • The ink is non-toxic and AP certified.
  • These Sharpies are long lasting.
  • Each set of 5 neon Sharpies contains Neon Yellow, Neon Blue, Neon Orange, Neon Pink and Neon Green.

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Neon Sharpie markers that glow under UV black light

Get creative with neon Sharpies

Color choices
  • waterproof
  • smear-proof and fade-resistant
  • non-toxic AP certified
  • customers would like to have ultra fine tip neon Sharpies as well

What people love about this Sharpie Neon Markers

  • Writing birthday cards with this kind of ink can add an extra surprise for the birthday boy or girl !
  • These neon Sharpies are designed to mark almost any surface, like paper, plastic, wood and leather.
  • Signature Sharpie Permanence : writes on bold.
  • These markers have a fine tip that make it possible to work precisely. You don’t see any lines on the drawing where you overlapped the colors
  • Very smooth colouring, no streaks from the marker
  • People always come back to Sharpies after having tried other markers.

Tips to use this Sharpie Neon Markers

  • For use on glass, these Sharpies give mixed results. The pink marker seems to perform the best. The other colors are more difficult to read under black light. So if you’re looking for a stained glass effect, these are probably not the correct markers to use.
  • The markers are acetone-based
  • These Sharpies don’t show up on chalkboards
  • Just like any other Sharpie, these ones bleed through card and paper, so it’s best to put an extra sheet of paper in between the pages you are coloring, or else the color will soak through onto the next page.
  • The neon Sharpies are not visible on black surfaces.
  • The orange and the green are the best black light reactive colors.
  • Why not find your favorite black and white design on the internet, print it out, colour it with these neon pens and frame it ? Create your own piece of art !

These neon Sharpies have the same high quality you expect from any Sharpie.

Neon Sharpies UV black light Glow in the Dark Markers, detailed review
Neon Sharpies UV black light Glow in the Dark Markers, detailed review

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