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Nameworks Star Wars Glow in the Dark fabric, detailed review

Nameworks Star Wars Glow in the Dark Quilt Fabric by the fat quarter

As a huge Star Wars fan, you probably have all sorts of items in your home, ranging from figurines, posters, mugs, T-shirts and anything you can think of really.

You’re probably always on the lookout for new Star Wars stuff to buy, but have you ever thought about making Star Wars themed arts & crafts or DIY projects yourself ?

You can now buy this amazing Star Wars-themed glow in the dark cotton fabric to make the most dazzling sewing and quilting items.

Why is this Nameworks Star Wars fabric such a great glow in the dark product?

  • This piece of fabric made from 100% lightweight cotton.
  • This Star Wars-themed quilt fabric is sold by the fat quarter, which is 18″ x 22″ (this is the equivalent of 45.72 x 55.88 cm). A fat quarter is a popular arts & crafts quilting size. So two fat quarters equal 1/2 yard, which is 18″ x 44″. Four fat quarters equal 1 yard (36″ x 44″) and so on.
  • This cotton fabric is sold per fat quarter and cut to order. So multiple fat quarters will be shipped in one continuous piece of fabric.
  • This quilt fabric is very versatile and easy to sew with.
  • The width of this fabric is 44″ (the equivalent of 111.76 cm).
  • This cotton fabric has been enhanced with fluorescent elements, it glows in the dark. To charge the fabric, expose it to any light source up to 30 minutes for maximum brightness after dark. This can be electric light, UV light, blacklight or better, direct sunlight.
  • The seller offers a flat rate for international shipping.
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Star Wars glow in the dark quilt fabric

For Star Wars DIY projects

Glow time
Charge time
  • sold by the fat quarter
  • quilting cotton, 100% cotton
  • machine-washable
  • cut to order
  • the fabric might seem a little stiff

What people love about this Super Fred glow in the dark fabric

  • This quilt fabric is ideal for quilting, but it can of course also be used for arts & crafts projects or home decor items like pillow covers, bed skirts or curtains for children’s rooms.
  • The Star Wars details glow very vividly in the dark, especially the white R2-D2 images.
  • This fabric is also great for Halloween-themed sewing and crafting projects with the pumpkin and skeleton designs.

Tips to use this Super Fred glow in the dark fabric

  • This fabric can be machine washed cold, and tumble dried low.
  • It is recommended to pre-wash quilting cotton to get the sizing out of the fabric before sewing it. It will also reduce shrinkage and prevent color bleeding.
  • The details on the fabric will glow brightly for the first few hours, with the glow fading slowly after that.
  • Iron the quilting cotton for perfect points and matching corners.

A great new glow in the dark quilt cotton fabric for all the Star Wars fans out there !

Nameworks Star Wars Glow in the Dark fabric, detailed review
Nameworks Star Wars Glow in the Dark fabric, detailed review

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