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Marvy Uchida Set of 4 DecoFabric Glow in the Dark Markers, detailed review

Marvy Uchida Set of 4 DecoFabric Glow in the Dark Fabric Markers

If you are a teacher who often works with fabrics in class you are surely looking for the perfect way to decorate these items.

An apron for Mother’s Day, a funny tie for daddy, a personalized T-shirt for the children in the class. There are so many ideas that come to mind.

Are you planning a school performance and need to add a little magic touch to the costumes ?

These DecoFabric glow in the dark markers give you the perfect solution to make these creations stand out.

Why are these Marvy Uchida DecoFabric markers a great glow in the dark product?

  • These glow in the dark fabric markers are designed by the famous Marvy Uchida.
  • These fabric markers are genius to paint and decorate costumes, shirts, T-shirts, back packs, denim, aprons, trick or treat bags and various paper crafts.
  • The design on your chosen material will come to life and glow vividly in the dark.
  • You can add a lot of fun to your fabric crafting.
  • Marvy Uchida markers are acid-free, non-toxic, odorless and lightfast.
  • Each set of fabric markers contains green, blue, yellow and orange.
  • This product is returnable within 30 days of receipt.

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Marvy Uchida glow in the dark fabric markers

Decorate your costumes with glow in the dark magic

Color choices
  • water-resistant when dry
  • acid free, odorless and lightfast
  • non-toxic
  • be careful when you shake them before use, a little ink might come out

What people love about this Sharpie Neon Markers

  • These DecoFabric markers are great for dark colored fabrics.
  • The fine point tip is really great for detailed work.
  • These markers are easy and fun to use for children as well.
  • The DecoFabric markers contain color pigments that glow in the dark.
  • These markers are perfect for marking, drawing and writing on cotton fabrics.

Tips to use this Sharpie Neon Markers

  • The markings are water-resistant when dry. Heat setting is recommended. Best to heat set with an iron according to the guidelines according to the fabric.
  • You have to shake these markers well before using them. To make your designs glow in the dark, you have to expose them to a light source for a good amount of time. They will then light up in the dark.
  • Best to test these markers on inconspicuous areas of the fabric first.
  • Best to dry the fabric flat overnight.
  • Wash and dry any marked item on delicate cycle and use a mild detergent.
  • Don’t forget to seal these markers well with the cap after using them to avoid them drying out.
  • Children should be supervised when using these markers.

The perfect glow in the dark addition to any kind of fabric for arts & crafts projects.

Marvy Uchida Set of 4 DecoFabric Glow in the Dark Markers, detailed review
Marvy Uchida Set of 4 DecoFabric Glow in the Dark Markers, detailed review

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