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Magic Bus Glow in the Dark Blacklight Poster, detailed review

Magic Bus Non-Flocked Blacklight Poster 24" x 36"

Are you a fan of this psychedelic art and fashion of the late sixties and seventies ?

Blacklight posters might be viewed as a relic from those days, but luckily there are a few sellers on the market who have exactly what you are looking for.

Why is this Magic Bus blacklight poster a great glow in the dark product?

  • The glow in the dark poster is a high quality print, quality guaranteed. It is printed with blacklight, UV, ultraviolet reactive fluorescent inks.
  • The dimensions of this rectangular poster are 36 inch x 24 inch (the equivalent of 91 x 60 cm).
  • This kind of poster will add a very original touch to any room in your house. It’s perfect for your home or office.
  • Other glow in the dark blacklight posters are available from the same seller in different designs in a wide range of areas, including music, nature and pop culture.
  • This poster does not come with a frame, but it is very easy to put the poster in one.
  • This is a non-flocked poster.
  • This poster is a new item.
  • Great collectible posters available.
  • This product has free shipping and free returns.
  • Manufactured and printed in the USA.

9Expert Score
Magic Bus Black Light Glow in the Dark Poster

If you’re looking for the psychedelic trip

Visual effect
Quality of canvas
Customer service
  • bright glow under UV blacklight
  • original design
  • 24 x 36 inches
  • great attention to detail
  • the seller doesn't have a lot of posters to chose from

What people love about this Magic Bus Glow in the Dark Blacklight Poster

  • Blacklight poster have a great appearance during the day as well. The colors are high quality, so you can enjoy the printed image anytime.
  • The best results are of course obtained when you shine a UV blacklight directly onto the image.
  • This poster was very decently packed. It was rolled and wrapped in plastic for protection and put into a sturdy tube. No issue with delivery.

Tips to use this Magic Bus Glow in the Dark Blacklight Poster

  • FatCat Graphics sells a whole range of blacklight posters. If you’re a fan or a collector, have a look at their other products.
  • Why not give a blacklight poster as a gift for someone special ?
  • This kind of blacklight poster is a great feature for a glow in the dark party. You can hang the walls of the party room with as many posters as you like. Your guests won’t know where to look first !
  • Do not look into the black light, this might harm your eyes. Only look at the poster !
  • Simply reverse the poster to flatten the roll before hanging it on the wall.

Very vibrant glow in the dark blacklight poster that will keep you amazed for a long time.

Magic Bus Glow in the Dark Blacklight Poster, detailed review
Magic Bus Glow in the Dark Blacklight Poster, detailed review

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