LINA55 fluorescent Glow in the Dark Shoe Laces, detailed review

1 pair of LINA55 fluorescent Glow in the Dark Shoe Laces

Why bother with boring, white shoe laces when there are so many fun colors on the market ? And if you do get great colored shoe laces, you’d want to be able to enjoy the color at night as well, no ?

Well, here’s the solution for you ! You can now buy colored fluorescent shoe laces that will glow in the dark. You favorite color will shine vividly and stay with you all night.

Why are these LINA55 Shoe Laces a great glow in the dark product?

  • One pack contains 1 pair of fluorescent shoe laces. There are 5 different colors available on the market from the same seller : green, white, blue, yellow and pink.
  • These sturdy shoe laces are made of 100% high quality nylon with a tightly woven structure for more durability.
  • The laces contain a fluorescent substance that absorbs light during the day (this can be from any light source) and emits it out when it gets dark.
  • These shoe laces are 120 cm long or 47 inches, perfect for 7 eyed shoes.
  • Fluorescent laces are great for men, women and children.
  • These laces are the classic flat-bottom style ones.
  • These laces can be worn in any type of lace-up shoes, sneakers and boots.
  • Fluorescent shoe laces make you a lot more visible at night, you can be certain to be seen by drivers when you’re out in the dark for a walk with the dog or for a late night jogging.

9.5Expert Score
LKDEPO light up LED Glow in the Dark Shoe Laces

The best fluorescent shoe laces

Quality of material
Color choices
  • 100 % durable nylon
  • 120 cm length
  • brightly fluorescent
  • the blue laces glow less in the dark

What people love about these LINA55 luminous shoe laces

  • Customers say they don’t just use these shoe laces to tie their shoes, but you can also fit them around the collar of your dog for instance. That way, you can clearly see where he’s running off to !
  • You can ask your children to wear these laces as bracelets when they’re out playing in the neighbourhood. You’ll be immediately able to locate them.
  • It’s not just the kids that love these kind of fluorescent shoe laces. It’s fun for adults alike.
  • These laces look great during the day as well.

Tips to use these LINA55 luminous glow in the dark shoe laces

  • The longer you expose these fluorescent shoe laces to a light source (for instance a lamp, the sun, etc..) the more they will glow brightly in the dark.
  • Why not buy several colors of shoe laces and mix and match ? You look even cooler with different colored laces in your shoes.

Have fun and be seen with these fluorescent shoe laces.

LINA55 fluorescent Glow in the Dark Shoe Laces, detailed review
LINA55 fluorescent Glow in the Dark Shoe Laces, detailed review

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