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LeMeng LED Glow in the Dark Black Light Bulbs 9W, detailed review

Set of 3 LeMeng LED Black Light Bulbs 9W

Are you thinking of organizing a party soon and looking for an original idea ? Why not put LED black light bulbs in your lamps for the occasion and organize a black light party ?

When installing such a light, all fluorescent material in the room will light up !!

To have a more vivid result, you can use reactive paint or dye on certain surfaces to highlight certain objects.

Your next Halloween or Christmas party will never look the same under the light of these special lamps.

Why are these LeMeng LED black light bulbs a great glow in the dark product?

  • This lamp emits highly saturated, deeply intense UV black light.
  • These light bulbs are an Amazon’s Choice product.
  • The LeMeng LED bulb is highly energy-efficient, you can save 90% on your energy bill. The lifespan of a LED light is super long, it lasts for 35000 hours.
  • Specifications are 9W, AC 120 Volt, they are the energy-saving equivalent for 60-75 watt incandescent bulbs. UVA level 395-400nm.
  • You don’t need special lamps for this kind of LED bulb, it has a standard A19 shape with E26/E27 medium screw base that enables you to screw it to all medium base fixtures.
  • This lamp exists in red, green, blue, amber yellow, pink and blacklight.
  • They are sold per pack of 3.
  • There is a 2-year warranty on LeMeng bulbs. If you have any problem with the product, you can contact the seller. They are returnable within 30 days of receipt

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Highly energy-efficient blacklight bulbs

Add a magical touch to your parties with these cool blacklights

Choice in colors
UVA level
  • reduces your energy bill
  • reduces your carbon footprint
  • incredibly long lifespan
  • adds a special touch to your parties
  • if you're looking for bright light, you'll be disappointed, these are dim bulbs

What people love about these LeMeng glow in the dark LED black light bulbs

  • You can use them to personalize your home with ambient lighting. Use them in table and floor lamps, pendant fixtures or ceiling fixtures.
  • These bulbs are great for special effects at parties, they illuminate blacklight reactive pigments, paints and dyes.
  • Quick delivery and easy to unpack.
  • Super cool effect that blows everyone away.

Tips to use these glow in the dark LED black light bulbs

  • These lamps are not dimmable.
  • Do not stare in the light bulbs when they’re on. This might damage your eyesight permanently!
  • Please keep these bulbs away from children.
  • Because this is a UV bulb, and human eyes can only see a part of UV light, the bulb will seem a little dim when lit. This is normal, as it mainly used for glow in the dark reaction. If you are looking for a bright violet light emission, use another kind of bulb.
  • To have an even cooler party, use glow in the dark paint/dye or glow in the dark tape to highlight certain features with the black light
  • These LED black light bulbs work super well on UV body paint
  • These bulbs don’t work as disinfectant UV, its only 395-400nm UV light.

Why not try a glow in the dark pool party with these super efficient LED black light bulbs ?

LeMeng LED Glow in the Dark Black Light Bulbs 9W, detailed review
LeMeng LED Glow in the Dark Black Light Bulbs 9W, detailed review

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