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Lava The Original Glow in the dark lava lamp, full review

Best selling glow in the dark lava lamp

This product is the kind of lamp you can expect when you’re thinking about THE iconic lava lamp. The Lava Lamp was originally named the Astro Lamp. This product was discovered in 1965 at a trade show in Brussels by 2 American entrepreneurs. It quickly became an American classic! It’s been around for more than five decades.

To create its captivating motion effect, the lava lamp uses yellow wax in a blue liquid. This 14.5-inch lava lamp provides a relaxing soft light. It’s a durable quality item made of silver aluminium. The 25-watt light bulb is included and it can be plugged into a standard 120-volt wall power outlet.

Why is this lava lamp a great glow in the dark product?

  • it’s the real deal, a traditional modern looking lava lamp as you would expect when thinking about this category
  • it’s really easy to operate and provides a continuous relaxing soft light when you need to let yourself go to relieve stress
  • it’s mesmerising to watch the yellow wax moving around in the blue liquid
9.5Expert Score
The iconic Lava Lamp

this is the real American classic, more than 4,000 positive reviews

Relaxing soft glow
Power saving
Stress relief
Endless motion delight
Customer service
Iconic shape
  • sturdy aluminium body
  • splendid lava motion
  • iconic shape, the American classic
  • looks stunning in the dark
  • durable quality product
  • the perfect gift for all ages

What people love about this lava lamp

  • it’s very easy to operate: simply turn on the lamp with the switch, that’s it! Don’t forget to turn it off when not used, to preserve the incandescent light bulb and avoid overheating of the wax material
  • it has the iconic shape of the great American classic which has been around for more than five decades
  • it provides hours of visual delight, in perpetual motion, a real treat
  • it sets you in a stressless mood. Just sit back, watch the endless moves of the wax randomly ebb and flow and relax!
  • it’s very solid, a quality product (aluminium body)
  • the body comes in various colors, which will perfectly fit in your interior. Just choose the one you prefer

Tips to use this iconic lamp

  • at start you’ll have to keep your lamp operating for four hours or more to allow the solution inside the globe to completely melt to deliver an optimal visual effect
  • make sure you’re using a 25 Watt incandescent light bulb. It’s key to warm the wax held in liquid
  • tell your kids or clumsy adults not to touch the lamp while it’s operating, it can get quite hot
  • don’t stare too long to the lamp (joking), it’s truly hypnotizing 😉

If you’re looking for THE iconic lava lamp you can find this product on Amazon.

Lava The Original Glow in the dark lava lamp, full review
Lava The Original Glow in the dark lava lamp, full review

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