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Kiwihub glow in the dark blacklight colored party tape, detailed review

Pack of 6 rolls of Glow in the Dark Blacklight Reactive Colored Party Tape

Colored blacklight tape is a great party supply. You can create your own dance floor by applying strips on the floor and make the kids go absolutely crazy ! They will love it and everyone will be so impressed.

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This product is a fluorescent tape under blacklight.

Why is this Kiwihub blacklight colored party tape a great glow in the dark product?

  • This pack contains 6 colors, including green, yellow, orange, purple and blue. They all glow super brightly and catch everyone’s attention.
  • When removed, this tape doesn’t leave any mess or residue
  • Super cost-effective product
  • This tape is waterproof, durable and strong
  • No need for knife or scissors to cut off pieces of this tape. It easily tears in straight lines using just your fingers.
  • The tape is 0.59in wide and each roll is 16.4ft long (1.49 cm x 4.99 m)
  • The tape is 11.8 mil thick
  • If your are not satisfied with the item, you can simply return it within 30 days of your purchase and the seller will give a full refund, no questions asked.
  • The party tape is made out of cotton.

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Original colorful glow in the dark blacklight party tape!

All eyes on you with this UV blacklight tape

Number of items in pack
Variety of items
Visibility rate
  • strong adhesive material, no smell rubber
  • cost-effective pack
  • great thickness
  • knife & scissors free
  • easy to apply and remove
  • exceptional glow
  • It's perfect for temporary events, will not last forever

What people love about this glow in the dark fluorescent party tape

  • Children can really get to work with this tape for their arts & crafts project
  • Can be used on adult and children’s clothing for even more fun
  • This tape works well on most clean and dry surfaces, including glass, clothes, carpets, tiles, plastics, etc
  • Can be stepped on many times before coming off
  • The tape brightens under blacklight UV light
  • Is is very strong and durable, it has threads in it like duct tape.
  • It tears easily into straight lines, thanks to the cloth backing
  • The rolls of tape are 0.59 inches wide and 16.4 ft long, plenty of length to create your designs

Tips to use this glow in the dark fluorescent party tape

  • Have an original Halloween party this year with a UV blacklight neon theme
  • You can use this tape to decorate walls, floors, windows, dance floors, furniture, billiard tables, computer monitors, keyboards etc.
  • They look great in a gaming room
  • Can be used for blacklight stage performances
  • This tape is not recommended for use in water or on items that are frequently washed
  • Get creative with your child
  • Is best recommended for temporary decoration, it’s not as sticky as permanent gaffer tape.

Go for a neon blacklight party and decorate the dance floor with this super bright glow in the dark party tape.

Kiwihub glow in the dark blacklight colored party tape, detailed review
Kiwihub glow in the dark blacklight colored party tape, detailed review

Glow In The Darkness