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King Will Aurora Celtic Dragon unisex glowing ring, full review

Best selling King Will Aurora ring, 3 colors and multiple sizes

After our first two reviews (a pack of 36 glowing rings and a pack of 50 Halloween rings), here comes another review, of a single glowing ring this time, the gorgeous King Will Aurora Celtic ring, the perfect gift for all occasions: engagement, wedding, anniversary, Valentine’s, birthday,…

This King Will ring is available in multiple sizes and in 3 colors: green, blue and silver. They all look stunning, so neat and classy.

This glowing ring is made of titanium, a very sturdy material. The King Will Aurora ring features a beautiful celtic dragon pattern, an instant classic.

To charge the ring and make it shine in the night you simply have to expose it for a while to sunlight or a flashlight. It will then glow nicely in the dark. It will also react to UV black light, as most glow in the dark products do. You will love how it lights up your finger or the one of your significant other.

Why is this King Will Aurora ring a great glow in the dark product?

  • As you can see on the pictures it’s a very classy product featuring a beautiful dragon pattern, which makes it a perfect affordable gift for all romantic celebrations (the ring is less than $20 at time of writing)
  • the King Will Aurora ring is delivered in a gorgeous free jewelry box, no need to spend more on gift wrap, a very nice bonus
  • the ring is very easy to charge with light: simply expose it to a flashlight or to sunlight for a while to energize the phosphorescent material in the ring and it will glow in the dark
9Expert Score
Gorgeous King Will Aurora ring

the perfect gift for your loved one

Three different shades
Variety of sizes
Easy to charge
Value for money
  • full range of sizes + 3 colors
  • easy to charge with sunlight or flashlight
  • perfect gift for loved ones
  • made of titanium
  • very nice glow
  • very comfortable to wear

What people love about this glowing King Will Aurora ring?

  • it’s delivered in a beautiful jewelry box
  • it shines very nicely in the dark after a short exposition to a flashlight or to sunlight
  • the celtic dragon pattern is absolutely gorgeous
  • it’s a very affordable gift for all romantic celebrations

Tips to use this King Will Aurora ring

  • remember that you need to charge it with light before it glows in the dark
  • make sure you pick the right size for your finger or the finger of your loved one
  • clean the right with a soft cloth to protect the celtic pattern
  • don’t give it to small kids, it’s not a toy

If you’re looking for a gorgeous glowing ring you can find this jewel on Amazon.

King Will Aurora Celtic Dragon unisex glowing ring, full review
King Will Aurora Celtic Dragon unisex glowing ring, full review

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