Kicko Glow in The Dark Slime 12-pack of assorted neon colors, full review

Best selling glow in the dark Slime

If you’re looking for glow in the dark slime, the perfect kids party enhancer, there are plenty of brilliant opportunities on Amazon. We have decided to review just a few of them to help you pick the right one. We will focus our attention on the best selling glow in the dark slime products on the market.

Why is Kicko Glow In The Dark Slime 12 a great product?

  • the affordable pack includes 3 plastic jars of 4 different neon colors (green, blue, orange, yellow). You won’t run out of slime, your kids will be happy
  • the product is great for kids of all ages above 3, it will keep them busy all day indoors and outdoors
  • slime has many use cases, ranging from stress relief (we didn’t know that one) to creativity development. It can expand your kids’ imagination at the tip of their fingers. It can be used both at home and for school projects
  • the product comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so you can buy it and see whether it matches your expectations. If there’s any issue, Kicko will respond promptly
9.5Expert Score
Awesome slime kit, 12 jars

If you’re looking for great slimy fun, this is a very good choice

Texture feel
Colors variety
  • Great texture, doesn't stick
  • Neutral odour
  • Easy to clean
  • Safe to use
  • Nice glow in the dark
  • Satisfaction guarantee
  • Jars could be a bit bigger

What people love about Kicko glow in the dark slime

  • 12 jars are enough for a good slime party
  • it’s disgustingly delightful, pretty wet but not sticky, slime as it should be
  • the variety of vivid colors ensures it’s never boring to use this slime
  • the product doesn’t leave any dirty stains on carpets or furniture
  • the product doesn’t stink, no need to open the windows
  • it’s totally safe, non-toxic, which is so important for a product handled by children as you never know what they might do with it
  • it’s a perfect gift as party favor
  • the slimy texture is very consistent, it has a good feel even if it’s rather thin
  • it glows very nicely in the dark when charged with light. As most other glowing products, it’s even better under UV black light.

Tips to use Kicko glow in The dark slime

  • Keep the jars tightly closed after use to avoid the product drying out too quickly
  • Even if the product isn’t toxic for normal touch operations, don’t throw slime into the face of someone and, of course, don’t try to eat it
  • if the product dries on the floor, it’s very easy to rub off and clean with water

If you’re looking for great non sticky safe slime for your party, you can trust Kicko’s product on Amazon.

Kicko Glow in The Dark Slime 12-pack of assorted neon colors, full review
Kicko Glow in The Dark Slime 12-pack of assorted neon colors, full review

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