Kangaroo Super Cool glow in the dark slime, full review

Best selling glow in the dark slime

We love the presentation of this small slime kit, three nice bottles of glow in the dark slimy liquid, which are the perfect birthday party favor. They will be the highlight of your event.

The product doesn’t stick or get too messy. It’s a bit on the liquid end of slime products but consumers still like it. It’s very easy to clean. It doesn’t leave stains on carpets or furniture. Here are the slimy details of our review.

Why is Kangaroo’s Super Cool glow in the dark slime a great product?

  • it’s very affordable for a pack of 3 great looking slime bottles
  • the product is definitely an amazing birthday party favor
  • this slime kit will brighten up any event in a few seconds
  • with 3 bottles of glow in the dark slime, you have hours of great fun in green, blue and yellow, the ultimate glowing colors
  • all ages will enjoy this slime kit: children, teens, adults. it’s the perfect transgenerational satisfying product
  • Kangaroo offers other slime products, incl. the famous Unicorn Poop slime. Yep, it’s a thing!
9.5Expert Score
Delightful slime kit

3 gorgeous bottles of vivid colored slime

Texture feel
Colors variety
  • Great texture, doesn't stick
  • Odourless
  • Very easy to clean
  • Safe to use
  • Vivid glow in the dark
  • Bottles could be a bit bigger

What people love about Kangaroo’s glow in the dark slime

  • the bottles look great, they’re the perfect birthday party favor
  • this slime kit is a real treat, the product feels perfect in your fingers, even after long hours of manipulation
  • the three colors in this pack are bright, they glow very nicely in the dark after being exposed to light, preferably UV black light
  • the product doesn’t leave any dirty stains around the house
  • the product doesn’t have a nasty odour so you won’t feel sick after using it for a while
  • the slimy texture is pretty consistent, it has a nice feel, very satisfying
  • the product never gets too sticky or messy

Tips to use Kangaroo’s glow in The dark slime

  • Keep the bottles sealed after use to avoid the product drying out too quickly
  • Be careful with young children since the bottles kind of look like soda bottles
  • Even if the product isn’t toxic for games, don’t stick slime into the eyes of someone and, of course, don’t try to swallow it
  • be aware that the blue color can transfer to your hands, but it’s easy to wash with clean water
  • if the product dries on any surface, it’s very easy to remove

If you’re looking for colorful slime for your kids’ birthday party, you can trust this slime kit on Amazon.

Kangaroo Super Cool glow in the dark slime, full review
Kangaroo Super Cool glow in the dark slime, full review

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