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Jelly Yarn Vanilla Peppermint Glow in the Dark Yarn, detailed review

Jelly Yarn Vanilla Peppermint Glow in the Dark Yarn fine 85 yard ball

If you’re a passionate knitter, you are always looking for the next great pattern or best new yarn on the market.

Have you ever tried knitting an item with glow in the dark yarn ? You could use this to create a safe glow in the dark hat for someone who loves jogging or cycling in the evenings, or just to add a nice little glowing detail on a child’s jumper.

Why is this Jelly Yarn a great glow in the dark product?

  • This yarn is suitable for knitting, crochet, weaving and crafting.
  • Vanilla Peppermint glow in the dark Jelly Yarn emits a cool neon green glow in the darkness.
  • This fluorescent yarn is made out of 100 % round vinyl.
  • The material is fine non-fiber waterproof
  • The diameter of this yarn is 1/8 inch
  • There is 85 yards of yarn on a Jelly Yarn ball.
  • This yarn has been featured at the Smithsonian Institution in the Hyperbolic Crochet Coral Reef Exhibition. Pretty cool !
  • This Jelly Yarn is fluorescent in the dark and under UV black light.

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Jelly Yarn glow in the dark vinyl yarn

Beautiful vanilla color that turns into peppermint green in the dark

Quality of material
  • 100 % nylon
  • 85 yards in length
  • waterproof
  • durable
  • non-toxic
  • you get more of a plastic feel than wool yarn, because it's made of vinyl.

What people love about this fluorescent Jelly Yarn

  • This yarn gives off a fabulous green neon glow. Great for fans of The Green Lantern. Or if you like the Little Mermaid, you can make a mermaid tail blanket with shining fluorescent scales.
  • This yarn can also be used on a knitting loom.
  • The seller can be contacted very easily and responds quickly and in a helpful way.

Tips to use this glow in the dark Jelly Yarn

  • This neon yarn is specifically formulated for knitting and crochet, but can also be used for weaving and jewelry making.
  • If you expose the Jelly Yarn to a bright light source for about 10 minutes, it will glow for about 10 to 15 minutes in the dark. If exposed to black light, it will glow continuously.
  • To wash a garment made out of this yarn, use cold water and wash by hand (it is made out of vinyl, not fiber). Blot excess water with a towel and lay the item flat to dry. To dry it faster, dry it between two towels.
  • To crochet bracelets with Jelly Yarn, use a G or H hook.
  • This yarn is able to hold a knot when you pull and stretch the strand of yarn tightly when latch hooking.

Create beautiful and original pieces or details with this neon glow in the dark Vanilla Peppermint Glow Fine Jelly Yarn.

Jelly Yarn Vanilla Peppermint Glow in the Dark Yarn, detailed review
Jelly Yarn Vanilla Peppermint Glow in the Dark Yarn, detailed review

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