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Honeystore battery powered 3D glow in the dark jacket, detailed review

Battery powered light up hoodie jacket

If you’re looking for a new kind of hooded jacket and you’re tired of the bland ones that you find on the market, with the same kind of designs over and over, then there’s news for you!

Stand out in the night crowd with a glow in the dark jacket. Shine as brightly as the stars in the night sky with this light up hooded jacket.

Why is this Honeystore light up jacket a great glow in the dark product?

  • This new technology adds so much fun to wearing clothes
  • You get two items for the price of one : a regular jacket during the day, a glow in the dark one at night
  • This jacket is a real showstopper, you will be the star of the dance floor
  • It’s a unisex piece of clothing
  • The jacket is made from 70% acrylic and 30% polyester.
  • The make this jacket glow in the dark, you need 2 AA batteries (batteries not included)
  • You can get this jacket in multiple sizes, from S to XXL
  • This is a very versatile jacket, you can wear it on any occasion, but it sure is very festive

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Battery powered 3D glow in the dark jacket

Be the star of the party with this jacket

Size choice
  • very comfortable, light and soft
  • can be worn as a regular jacket
  • has many available colors and sizes
  • advanced 3D print technology
  • some people find installing the wire too much of a hassle

What people love about this battery powered 3D glow in the dark jacket

  • The material is very light
  • The jacket is very soft
  • The design looks just as on the picture
  • This jacket can be worn by men and women alike, it’s such a great look for clubs, parties, cosplay events, raves, talent show etc.
  • It has a zipper closure and is a good windbreaker
  • If you are craving for attention, then this jacket will surely do the trick.
  • The LED lights are built-in nicely
  • There is a flash mode if you need to catch someone’s attention quickly.
  • No taxi will ever drive past you again !

Tips to use this battery powered 3D glow in the dark jacket

  • S: Bust: 42.1″-50.0″, Length: 27.0″; M: Bust: 43.7″-51.6″, Length: 27.8″
  • L: Bust: 45.7″-53.5″, Length: 28.5″; XL: Bust: 47.6″-55.5″, Length: 29.3″; 2XL: Bust: 49.6″-57.5″, Length: 30.1″
  • To wire the jacket, follow these steps : put the wire through the inside of the hoodie and attach it to the zipper. Put it through the other end of the zipper and put the end of the wire inside the jacket. Then put the power supply in the right pocket and put the power cord from the pocket to the inside of the jacket. Finally, connect the lights to the power supply.

This battery powered glow in the dark jacket is said to be the perfect ice breaker for singles. Give it a go !

Honeystore battery powered 3D glow in the dark jacket, detailed review
Honeystore battery powered 3D glow in the dark jacket, detailed review

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