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GreyParrot glow in the dark UV blacklight party tape, detailed review

Pack of 6 rolls of Glow in the Dark UV Blacklight Party Tape

Do you feel like adding that little extra touch to your party ? Make cool floor designs with this fluorescent tape! This pack features 6 different colors of blacklight reactive tape and will guarantee you loads of fun.

This is the most cost-effective fluorescent party tape on the market. It is an Amazon’s Choice product.

You will need blacklight to make this party tape glow, it is UV reflective.

Why is this GreyParrot coloured party tape kit a great glow in the dark product?

  • You will not find 1, not 2, but 6 different colors in this kit. There’s white/yellow, blue, pink, green, light blue and orange.
  • This tape is generally 25% wider than other tapes on the market, for the same price
  • Great for colorful parties
  • This tape is knife and scissors free. You can just tear a piece off with your fingers.
  • The tape is available in different widths : 0.59 inch (1.5 cm), 1 inch (2.54 cm) or 2 inches (3 cm)
  • This blacklight tape is 11.8 mil thick
  • No damage to the floor or surface when removing them.

9Expert Score
Festive and colorful glow in the dark party tape!

Make colorful designs on the floor with this tape

Number of items in pack
Variety of items
Visibility rate
  • high visibility rate
  • strong adhesive material
  • cost-effective pack
  • great thickness
  • knife & scissors free
  • easy to apply and remove
  • The white tape doesn't light up as much as the colored ones

What people love about this glow in the dark fluorescent party tape

  • Vibrant colors that truly lighten up the room
  • The tape creates a great atmosphere
  • It stays on the chosen surface throughout parties even if a lot of people step on it. The tape keeps its grip.
  • The shipping was really fast
  • The tape lights up under blacklight UV light
  • The instructions are easy to follow.
  • Birthday parties are a hit when you use this colored tape.
  • The tape is very strong, it has threads in it like duct tape.
  • It tears easily into straight lines.
  • The basic roll is 33 ft long (about 10 m). The same seller also sells the 50 ft (15 m) and the 22 yds value pack (20 m).

Tips to use this glow in the dark fluorescent party tape

  • Cool tape for a tron room at a neon blacklight party
  • Works really well for basement parties
  • Can be used on floors, walls and doors, but works best on glass, tiles, marble and metal surfaces.
  • Stick a few small strips around the light switch of a child’s bedroom
  • You can use this tape on fabric as well.
  • Don’t use this tape on concrete surfaces, it will leave a sticky residue.
  • Works great with 385 nks black light 
  • Great product to outline a volleyball court, bowling lanes, dance floors, grids, etc.
  • Can be used indoors and outdoors

The guests of your party will be so impressed by this colorful fluorescent festive blacklight tape!

GreyParrot glow in the dark UV blacklight party tape, detailed review
GreyParrot glow in the dark UV blacklight party tape, detailed review

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