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Glowstars Glow in the Dark Markers set, detailed review

Pack of 2 Glowstars Glow in the Dark Markers set

Is your child a little artist who loves to draw and has a hard time putting markers and pencils down when it’s time to go to bed ?

The Glowstars glow in the dark creations only come to light in the dark. So your child needs to finish his or her drawing in time to be able to see the full effect ! What a great reason to go to bed !

Stars in the night sky, magical details on a sorcerers robe, glowing eyes of an animal… Creativity has no limits.

Why is this Glowstars Glow in the Dark Markers set a great glow in the dark product?

  • The Glowstars pens are designed for children over the age of 6. By that time, they will already have fully developed their motor skills and have made numerous drawings. This glow in the dark one will add magical effects to their creations.
  • Just expose the drawing to a light source for a few minutes, turn the lights off and watch the details come to life ! So magical.
  • These pens are super easy to use for children, they are squeezable pens.
  • Each pack contains 2 pens with 10ml ink
  • These Glowstars pens are also available in the version Glow Colour Pens, for even more creative fun !
  • This item is returnable within 30 days of receipt

9Expert Score
The Original Glowstars glow in the dark markers

Add that little magic touch to your drawings

Color choices
  • no mess, no drip
  • easy to handle for children, squeezable
  • non-toxic
  • The lines are thicker than expected from a marker

What people love about this Glowstars Glow in the Dark Marker

  • This marker glows really well
  • It has a long lasting glow effect in the dark
  • The ink is very thick, a bit glue-like, so it doesn’t spill
  • Some parents put a little bit of extra glow in the dark marker on space wallpaper to give the whole an even more out-of-this-world effect !

Tips to use this Glowstars Glow in the Dark Marker

  • To use this pen, just squeeze, write or draw
  • Keep this marker away from children under 3 years old. There is a choking hazard due to presence of small parts (the caps)
  • The Glowstars brand has a wide range of glow in the dark products, glitter stars, 3D objects and more.
  • You can use it to make dots on wallpaper. They will be visible like little stars in the dark !
  • You might want to help your child squeeze the first batch of paint out of the tube.
  • Don’t use this on plastic material, because it will easily rub off and not stick well to it.

Effective and bright glow in the dark marker.

Glowstars Glow in the Dark Markers set, detailed review
Glowstars Glow in the Dark Markers set, detailed review

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