Glowsland glow in the dark fluorescent party tape, detailed review

Pack of 10 rolls of Glow in the Dark UV Blacklight Party Tape

Are you looking for fresh ideas for the decoration of your Halloween party this year ? Have you ever tried blacklight reactive party tape ? If not, do it now ! This great party supply adds so much fun and your party promises to be a hit amongst your guests. Get creative and make original floor designs with this fluorescent tape! This pack features 2 sets of 5 different colors of blacklight reactive tape, so that’s 10 rolls in total.

This is super cost-effective fluorescent party tape. It is an Amazon’s Choice product.

You will need blacklight to make this party tape glow, it is UV reflective.

Why is this Glowsland fluorescent party tape a great glow in the dark product?

  • Glowsland has selected the colours that work best under UV blacklight : green, pink, blue, yellow and orange.
  • Your order contains two packs of 5 rolls each. Save more!
  • This tape already looks saturated and colorful under sunlight, so it is great to use as regular tape as well. But it will of course have the desired fluorescent effect under blacklight
  • Great for stage performances
  • This tape is knife and scissors free. You can just tear a piece off with your fingers.
  • The tape is 0.6 inch wide and there’s 16.8 ft on each roll, that’s 1.5 cm wide and 5.1 m long.
  • If this tape got wet, you can still reuse it after letting it dry. This will not affect the viscosity of the product.
  • This tape is made from cotton.
  • No residue left on the floor or surface when removing this tape.
  • This seller provides a 60 days unconditional refund service. If you are not satisfied with the quality of the product, you can contact the seller through email and they will get back to you within 12 hours.

8.5Expert Score
A hit party with colorful glow in the dark blacklight party tape!

Throw an original party with UV tape

Number of items in pack
Variety of items
Visibility rate
  • high visibility rate, also luminous under sunlight
  • cost-saving multipack
  • suitable for almost everything
  • waterproof
  • does not contain latex
  • easy to apply and remove
  • The blue tape doesn't light up as much as the other colors

What people love about this glow in the dark fluorescent party tape

  • Great customer service
  • The tape can be used for stage performances and on clothing
  • It stays on the floor for the whole duration of the party. The tape keeps its grip.
  • Fast shipping
  • The tape lights up under blacklight UV light
  • The tape is waterproof : customers have used it on their clothes for mud runs and it didn’t come off
  • Great for any festive occasion : birthday parties, Halloween parties, psychedelic themes etc.
  • The tape is very strong, it’s made from weave-like fabric
  • It tears easily into straight lines, it doesn’t stretch or deform
  • One roll is 16.8 ft long, so the two packs in the order offer sufficient length to mark larger surfaces

Tips to use this glow in the dark fluorescent party tape

  • You can write on this fluorescent tape. You can stick a piece of tape on items and mark them with any message. You ca mark light switches, remote controls, charging lines, mobile phones, stairs etc. for added security during your blacklight party. It will make things easy to find and recognize and makes sure everything stays organized.
  • Can be used on floors, walls and doors, but works best on non-porous surfaces
  • Prepare well and calculate the floor space you want to decorate to make sure you buy enough tape.
  • You can stick them on the floor in the form of an arrow to mark the exits !
  • Great to use for blacklight dodgeball : use the tape to mark balls and rope
  • You can use this tape on fabric as well.
  • Shines brightest under 385 nks black light 
  • Great product to outline sports courts and dance floors
  • Can be used to highlight luggage, makes it easier to find in the airport

Super handy and colorful tape for a super blacklight party!

Glowsland glow in the dark fluorescent party tape, detailed review
Glowsland glow in the dark fluorescent party tape, detailed review

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