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GlowCity glow in the dark basketball review

Best selling glow in the dark basketball, you will love it

We’ve already reviewed glow in the dark footballs. If you’re into basketball, there are also glowing balls for your favourite sport. We’re going to review a few of them. Let’s start with the GlowCity glow in the dark basketball.

The ball is impact activated. It will glow when you’re playing with it. The entire ball will illuminate from the inside thanks to 2 bright LEDs. They’re pretty powerful so the ball will provide a blazing glow after dark!

It’s a very durable basketball, ensuring hundreds of hours of active games in the dark. The batteries are pre-installed. You simply have to inflate the ball and start playing. This basketball has received more than 4,000 enthusiastic reviews at time of writing, it’s an absolute best seller from a supplier you can trust. They offer a 60-day hassle free guarantee.

Why is this glow in the dark basketball an amazing product?

  • it has received more than 4,000 enthusiastic reviews, customers love this ball
  • it comes with batteries pre-installed, just inflate the ball & start playing. You even get an extra set of batteries
  • the ball is very durable, offering endless hours of active games
  • it comes with a 60-day hassle free guarantee
9.5Expert Score
Amazing glow in the dark basketball

endless hours of exciting games

Value for money
Touch feel
  • value for money: it's an affordable quality basketball
  • batteries are pre-installed
  • feels very sturdy
  • batteries are easy to replace, you get an extra set in the pack

What people love about this glow in the dark basketball?

  • the ball has the official 29.5″ size
  • batteries are pre-installed and you get a replacement set
  • it’s very bright in the dark thanks to the 2 LED lights inside the ball
  • the ball is very well made, it’s perfect even for the toughest players
  • the lights don’t move inside the ball, they’re perfectly secured in a dedicated compartment
  • the ball will switch off automatically after 40 seconds of inactivity
  • this isn’t just a cool novelty toy, it’s a proper basketball
  • this brand is an expert in glow in the dark products, they deliver an outstanding customer service
  • it’s a great gift for any basketball fan, it will extend their passion well into the darkest hours of the night

Tips to use this luminous basketball

  • you’ll need a small pump to inflate the ball before you start playing (batteries & LED lights are pre-installed). It will take just a few minutes
  • bear in mind that the ball will shut off after 40 seconds of inactivity. So if you don’t want to lose your ball in the dark, keep on playing 😉
  • the black lines might slightly fade away if you start playing too hard

If you’re looking for a great glow in the dark basketball, you can find this product on Amazon.

GlowCity glow in the dark basketball review
GlowCity glow in the dark basketball review

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