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Glow Sticks for glow in the dark party review

Best selling 458-piece glow sticks set

If you’re planning to throw a glow in the dark party, glow sticks are probably the #1 product you should have on your shopping list. It takes a second to crack a glow stick. Each stick will emit light for up to 6 hours, which gives you plenty of time for fun.

You can use these glow sticks to create bracelets or to decorate your glasses. You can also create 3D shapes like glowing balloons with these sticks.

They’re safe to use. They’re hard to snap, reducing the risk of leaks. The first kit we’re reviewing prides itself in having quality connectors that stay put, to ensure your designs won’t fall apart.

You get a lot of value for your money. The kit includes 458 glow sticks! (for less than $15 at time of writing).

This pack of glow sticks includes:

200 x 8″ Glow sticks
200 x Bracelet Connectors
10 x Eyeglasses Connectors
12 x Flower/Glow Ball Connectors
8 x Triple Bracelets Connectors
4 x Butterfly Bracelet Connectors
4 x Butterfly Bracelet Connectors

The seller offers a money back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with the quality of their product.

Why is this pack of sticks and accessories a great fluorescent product?

  • with 458 pieces (200 sticks + accessories) you have plenty of creative options: bracelets, glasses, 3D shapes,..
  • the fluo sticks are very well made, easy to connect and hard to break
9.5Expert Score
458-piece glow sticks pack

a great starter kit for an exciting glow in the dark party

Value for money
Ease of use
  • the neon colors are vivid
  • the product is very easy &amp
  • safe to use
  • glow sticks don't need to be charged with light

What people like about these fluo sticks?

  • when compared to phosphorescent products, the cool thing about glow sticks is that emit their own light. They don’t need to be charged with light beforehand. They will of course react nicely to UV black light
  • these neon sticks are very easy to crack
  • these sticks are very well made, hard to break (no risk of leaking)
  • the connectors are very efficient, your creations won’t fall apart
  • these fluo sticks are perfect for Halloween parties, they’re also a nice gift for trick-or-treaters

Tips to use these neon sticks

  • bear in mind that out of 452 pieces, 200 are sticks and the rest are connectors (to create bracelets, glasses and other 3D shapes)
  • crack your sticks before connecting them to create artistic shapes
  • never give glow sticks to very small children since they might try to chew them

If you’re looking for vivid color glow sticks, you can find this kit on Amazon.

Glow Sticks for glow in the dark party review
Glow Sticks for glow in the dark party review

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