Glow in the dark Yauasopa string thong bikini, full review

Best selling glow in the dark bikini, available in 6 colors

We’ve reviewed a few sexy glowing pieces of sleepwear. The product we’re going to introduce in this review isn’t per se a piece of lingerie but it’s also very teasing and will undoubtedly titillate the people around you. It’s a stunning glow in the dark bikini, with adjustable breast cups.

This is not a bra and thong, this is a proper bikini. So you can wear it both in the ocean and in a nightclub, to swim or to party. You don’t even have to change between the beach and the summer rave, this glowing outfit will adapt seamlessly from one setting to the next. You could even wear it for Halloween if you’re in a warm country.

Most people purchase multiple colors, to vary the mood. Just be aware that only light colors will react under UV light. You won’t shine if you wear a black bikini.

Why is this glow in the dark bikini a great pick for beach activities & rave parties?

  • this superb bikini set is available in 6 different bright colors and it’s very affordable (the product was less than $20 at time of writing this review)
  • it looks absolutely stunning, in daytime and in the dark, the perfect outfit for a summer rave party on the beach
  • breast cups on the top can slide so you can adjust the distance between them
  • this bikini also features removable pads
  • the fabric feels really good
9Expert Score
stunning glow in the dark bikini

with adjustable breast cups, for all breast shapes

Adjustable breast cups
Colors range
Party starter
Touch feel
Light colors shine under UV light
  • Gorgeous fabric
  • 6 different colors, incl. silver
  • High quality stretch material
  • Adjustable breast cups
  • Will glow under UV light
  • Will fit all breast shapes
  • Very comfortable to wear
  • Perfect for rave parties

What people love about this glow in the dark bikini

  • it looks stunning both on the beach and in nightclubs
  • it fits true to size (if you pick the right one, see our tips below)
  • you can swim with it and dance with it, or swim then dance, and swim again, it will stay perfectly in place
  • the great thing is that it’s a great looking swimsuit which won’t leave you pesky tan lines, which makes a HUGE difference

Tips to use this lace negligee

  • according to some customers, it’s better to buy a smaller size than you think, L feels more like XL
  • be aware than only light colors (green, blue, orange, purple,…) will shine under UV light. So don’t buy a dark version if you want to be the bright star of the night!
  • you’ll be tempted to purchase multiple items in various colors for different types of parties

If you’re looking for the ultimate glow in the dark bikini with a thong, you can find this stunning quality product on Amazon.

Glow in the dark Yauasopa string thong bikini, full review
Glow in the dark Yauasopa string thong bikini, full review

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