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Glow in the dark micro bikini lingerie, full review

Best selling micro bikini, available in various designs

After reviewing a one piece lace teddy, a sexy bra and panty set and a lace negligee, we’ve decided to close this series of reviews with the least covering piece of lingerie we’ve ever seen.

For some reason, it’s associated with Japanese anime cosplay. We’re not specialists in the field so we won’t comment on these tags found in the title of this piece of lingerie. What’s certain though is that there’s not much fabric on the body if you pick this piece of underwear. It’s definitely meant to be sexy.

If you’re a tall woman, the one-piece model might not be the most appropriate choice but you can pick the two-piece variant, either the classical model or the one with 2 straps across the breast, which will make you look absolutely stunning!

Why is this micro bikini a great piece of lingerie?

  • Well… if you’re looking for something sexy to spice up a romantic occasion, this is probably a great choice
  • it won’t be long before you remove it and even if you remove it, it won’t be a major obstacle for what’s coming next
  • it’s really comfortable to wear (cause there’s not much to wear I’d say)
  • this glowing micro bikini is the perfect outfit for a risqué photoshoot
  • this micro bikini will be the perfect sexy gift for any intimate celebration: Valentine’s, birthday, date night, wedding night, honeymoon,..
8Expert Score
very risqué micro bikini

not much to wear, feels very comfortable

Stretch material
Various designs
Teasing power
Makes a great gift
  • Uber light, not much fabric
  • Various designs
  • High quality stretch material
  • Looks stunning
  • White, so it will glow under UV light
  • Will fit most figures
  • Very comfortable to wear (not much to wear)
  • Perfect gift for all occasions

What people love about this glowing micro bikini

  • it drives partners absolutely crazy, it doesn’t stay on very long
  • since it’s white it easily glows in the dark under UV light
  • it looks amazing on most bodies. There’s not much fabric, that’s the least we can say
  • no padding, it simply fits on your natural shape, it can be adjusted
  • it feels amazingly sexy. Just wear it to look great!
  • you can choose between a one-piece and two-piece style. There’s even a two-piece model with 2 straps across the breast which looks quite unique

Tips to use this glowing micro bikini

  • you will either love it or hate it. If you’re expecting a covering piece of kit, this isn’t for you. If you don’t mind letting some parts of your anatomy escape on the edges, then you’re about to make the right choice
  • if you’re quite tall, this might not be the micro bikini for you, it fits better on smaller types

If you’re looking for the ultimate sexy micro bikini, you can find this great looking product on Amazon.

Glow in the dark micro bikini lingerie, full review
Glow in the dark micro bikini lingerie, full review

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