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Glow in the dark I Love My Crazy Wife morale patch review

Best selling glow in the dark love statement patch, aqua glow

Morale patches are quite a thing on Amazon.

After reviewing the Embrite morale patch, a weird armed unicorn patch and a middle finger patch, let’s introduce a love statement patch, which will proudly display a glowing affirmation on your arm or on your chest (or on your head if you sew it to a hat): I Love My Crazy Wife.

Why not simply “I Love My Wife” or “I Love My Sexy Wife” or “I Love My Dear Wife”, nope, here we read “I Love My Crazy Wife”. Well, love can drive you nuts they say.

This lovely patch is 4 inches wide by 1.5 inches tall. Everyone will see how much you love your crazy wife, no worries. Just remember that you need to charge your love declaration with sunlight or with a flashlight before showing it around in the dark.

This cute morale patch can be sewn or ironed on to most fabrics, in all positions. You can place it straight or in diagonal, as you want. You could even attach it upside down if your wife’s actually driving you crazy.

Why is this “I Love My Crazy Wife” morale patch a great glow in the dark product?

  • That’s not a meme: it’s a powerful statement delivered in all its glowing glory
  • it doesn’t require any batteries, it’s charged with a flash light or sunlight
  • your crazy wife will love it, or not…
9Expert Score
Love statement morale patch

everyone will know you love your crazy wife

Value for money
Illumination time
  • easy to sew or iron
  • durable
  • aqua glow
  • long lasting glowing effect

What people like about this lovely patch?

  • Your mates and your wife’s friends will all appreciate that you share your love so proudly on your arm, even if you could have avoided the “crazy” adjective
  • the lettering of the patch is very precise. So crucial for a love declaration!
  • most wives love it, others don’t. Beer buddies always laugh when reading the 2 lines. Not everyone has the same sense of humour.

Tips to use this love statement morale patch

  • you’d better find the right position on your clothes to make this proud statement as visible as possible
  • if you want to make an impression on your mates and their friends at the bar, don’t forget to charge your lovely patch with light beforehand. Otherwise it won’t glow in the dark (except if the venue is flooded with UV light)

If you’re looking for a glow in the dark love statement morale patch, you can find this glowing product on Amazon.

Glow in the dark I Love My Crazy Wife morale patch review
Glow in the dark I Love My Crazy Wife morale patch review

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