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Glow in the dark fish / ocean sticker pack review

Best selling glow in the dark fish / ocean stickers

Some kind of fish are bioluminescent, which means that they emit their own light.

The ones we’ll review here don’t produce their own glow, they react to light. They’re part of an ocean sticker pack which glows in the dark after being charged by ambient light (lamp, sunlight) or while being exposed to UV black light.

There are tens of different glowing ocean characters in each pack, enough to cover a few square metres in a kid’s bedroom. You can place these stickers wherever you want, on a wall or on the ceiling. They’re a nice alternative to the usual packs of star stickers, for those who prefer the ocean vibes to the immensity of the cosmos.

Why is this pack of glow in the dark fish a great phosphorescent product?

  • you get great value for your money: plenty of ocean characters in each pack: fish, plants, shells, castle,…
  • you can create your own underwater world with these characters
  • with this shiny kit you can transform any room into a fairy tale realm of underwater magic, in a snap
  • it’s the perfect background for an exciting bedtime story
  • watching these stickers is a great way to calm down at night, just before falling asleep
  • they’re a great gift for any festive occasion
9.5Expert Score
Magical fish sticker pack

your kids will love sleeping in the ocean

Value for money
  • value for money
  • they glow very bright
  • they're easy to stick on any surface
  • can be used both on the ceiling and on the walls, on plaster, plastic or glass

What people love about this glow in the dark ocean sticker pack?

  • these bright stickers will turn any room into a glowing underwater world
  • watching these beautiful stickers will soothe children and help them sleep peacefully
  • these stickers awaken the imagination of children
  • the ocean will light up as soon as you turn off the light
  • these stickers are a great alternative to nightlight

Tips to use this pack of glowing stickers

  • clean the surface before placing the stickers
  • stick them gently on the wall to place them properly
  • make sure the surface is perfectly plane to avoid bubbles
  • if there are bubbles, you can use a needle to pierce them
  • if you want to remove them at some point, do it carefully to avoid removing paint from the ceiling or the wall
  • you can clean them with a smooth cloth

If you’re looking for a great set of glow in the dark ocean stickers, you can find this product on Amazon.

Glow in the dark fish / ocean sticker pack review
Glow in the dark fish / ocean sticker pack review

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