Glow in the dark circus

Who hasn’t dreamed of leaving everything behind to run away with the circus? A Big Top is a magically inspiring environment. Circus managers know how much their audience loves glow in the dark products.


Luminous toys are sold by circus ushers before each performance.


Circuses apply glow in the dark ink on their posters and flyers. They paint most of their props with glow in the dark shades to light them up under the fluorescent star ceiling of the Big Top. And of course they dress up with glowing clothes. 


There’s probably no industry which uses more glow in the dark accessories than the circus. 


So let’s  lift the canvas and unveil a few examples of circus-inspired shiny gear, available on Amazon. 

circus show glow in the dark sign

This glow in the dark horror circus themed background looks stunning. It’s the perfect backdrop for spooky photo shoots. 

circus party glow sticks

Glow sticks are another accessory you can use in a glow in the dark circus-themed party. They’re very affordable and can serve multiple purposes. You can draw luminous shapes, create a stick man costume or simply give one to all guests for a glow in the dark dance introduction.

glow in the dark circus party favors

We mentioned in the introduction that all circuses sell glowing party favors before their performances. Here’s an example of what we were talking about. You can organize your own circus-themed parties with these luminous toys. 

All circus shows include jugglers and of course they use glow in the dark juggling balls. You can get your own set on Amazon and start practising. 

glowing red nose

If you want to become a clown (or simply dress up like Rudolph the Reindeer), you’ll need a blinking red nose like the one above. It contains a small LED bulb which you can switch on before making your hilarious entrance. 

Glow in the dark diabolo

Glow in the dark LED diabolos are another favourite in all circuses around the world. There are multiple models you can find on Amazon. It’s quite easy to use but you’ll need hundreds of hours of practice before you can join a professiona circus. 

We will finish this round-up of circus-themed products with a nice circus photography backdrop which will also be the perfect decor for circus birthdays and carnival parties. The lighter shades will glow in the dark.

glow in the dark circus image
Glow In The Darkness