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Glow in the dark Avidlove One Piece Lingerie Lace Teddy Bodysuit, full review

Best selling lace teddy bodysuit, available in 14 colors

We have already reviewed a few glow in the dark fishnets. Due to popular demand, we’ve decided to expand our efforts to a broader category, glow in the dark lingerie. We have picked the best selling lace bodysuits, bras and panties on Amazon to curate a sexy list of the most wanted items.

Here comes the Avidlove One Piece Bodysuit. It looks absolutely stunning. It’s made of 5% cotton and 95% chinion, giving the lace a soft and stretchy feel. This teddy will never be itchy.

You will notice the presence of cute little rhinestones in the front, both in the chest and stomach area. They will make the piece even more shining under the intimate lights of your bedroom.

This gorgeous teddy is very affordable, manufactured by an international lingerie brand. It has received more than 6,000 enthusiastic reviews. Your partner will love how you’ll look in this sexy bodysuit, the perfect add-on for a steamy romantic evening.

Why is this lace teddy a great piece of lingerie?

  • it’s available in 14 different bright colors and is very affordable (less than $15 at time of writing this review, some models are even less than $10)
  • it feels very comfortable, it will never be itchy thanks to its unique blend of cotton and chinion
  • it looks stunning. You will have a guaranteed impact wearing this lace teddy
  • this lace teddy is the perfect outfit for a boudoir shoot
  • it’s the perfect gift for a special occasion: Valentine’s, birthday, date night, honeymoon,..
9.5Expert Score
stunning lace bodysuit

customers love the very soft feel

Stretch material
Colors range
X factor
Fits most figures
Makes a great gift
  • Soft feel, not itchy
  • 14 different colors
  • High quality stretch material
  • fine cutouts
  • will glow under UV light
  • Fits most figures
  • Easy to adjust
  • Perfect gift

What people love about this lace teddy bodysuit

  • it shows your flattering curves perfectly
  • it’s an amazing easy way to spice up your life
  • it feels very comfortable, never itchy
  • it’s an amazing piece of lingerie for an intimate night
  • it’s very easy to adjust thanks to the ties you’ll find behind the breast and neck. You can decide how much tightness you want in the breast area

Tips to use this lace teddy bodysuit

  • If you have love handles, you might need to size up for the bottom half for an optimal fit
  • Be aware that if you slide the strings apart in the back this will make the teddy crotchless 😉
  • Don’t stretch it too much. Because of the cute rhinestones in the front it could break the little metal pieces

If you’re looking for stunning glow in the dark lace teddy bodysuit, you can find this great product on Amazon.

Glow in the dark Avidlove One Piece Lingerie Lace Teddy Bodysuit, full review
Glow in the dark Avidlove One Piece Lingerie Lace Teddy Bodysuit, full review

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