Free Neon Backgrounds

Neon backgrounds and neon wallpapers are increasingly popular on the internet. They’re a form of glow in the dark posters you can easily download and use either as a computer wallpaper or as a nice HD wallpaper on your smartphone. There are a few websites where you can download free neon backgrounds. 

We have curated and reviewed a few examples with the sources. Follow the links behind the buttons to download the full HD version of these neon wallpapers. If you like our selection of neon designs, please share this page with your friends.  

You can also find on another page our selection of glow in the dark posters available on Amazon.

Enjoy these neon backgrounds. Enjoy the darkness!

Landscape neon backgrounds

Landscape backgrounds are the perfect wallpaper format for your desktop computer.

purple neon background vortex

This is a stunning example of neon background: a purple neon vortex, made of a series of triangles. Mesmerizing effect! 

game on neon background wallpaper for gamers

If you’re a gamer, you will love this game on neon background wallpaper. It will shine on your desktop while you play games.

hello neon background

There’s no better to start the day than switching on this Hello neon background. The perfect start for a perfect day.

just for fun neon background

If your plan is just to have fun, this is the neon background for you. It will be the ideal reminder that we only live once. It will also show your friends what you really care about. Let’s enjoy every moment! 

world famous neon background

Who doesn”t want to be a superstar? They all look gorgeous, they’re rich, they have beautiful lovers. But as the artist Clay Sinclair once said: they all die in the same miserable way. So do you want be famous? 

work and dream neon background

I love this neon background. Who doesn’t want a fulfilling job? A job which reflects one’s passion? If you can both work and dream, you’ll have a good life my friend. 

free entry bar neon background

Who doesn’t want a quick drink after work or an exciting night out with friends on a Saturday night? This free entry neon background will remind you of the joys to come. 

abstract neon background

Abstract neon backgrounds are also very popular at the moment. This is a great example you can find on Unsplash. Can you recognize what’s written on the wall? 

Enter sign neon background wallpaper

We’re familiar with green exit signs but it’s more difficult to find good Enter signs which you can use as a neon background. Here’s a great example. Show the way!

Who invented neon lights?

The inventor of the neon lighting tube is a French engineer, Georges Claude, who patented his invention on January 19th, 1915. He called his company Claude Neon and introduced neon gas signs on the other side of the Atlantic, in the USA. The first two neon signs appeared on a Packard car dealership in Los Angeles. It was just 105 years ago. 

Georges Claude Inventor of Neon

Portrait neon backgrounds

Portrait backgrounds are the perfect wallpapers for the homescreen of your phone.

ready or not neon background

Ready or not? You have to make a choice or wait for others to reply when you set this neon background as the wallpaper of your phone. 

love neon background

If you are in a romantic mood, this will be the perfect wallpaper to install on your phone to declare your intentions. He / she will understand what you want.

watch this space neon background

It’s always wise to share a teaser when you’re about to launch an exciting venture. This neon background “Watch This Space” is the ideal kickoff for a great adventure.

Discover thousands of other neon backgrounds on the web

You want to brighten up your days and nights with more neon backgrounds? 


Here are a few destinations on the web where you’ll find what you’re looking for. Get ready to light up the room with neon colors!  

Unsplash is undoubtedly the #1 destination to download thousands of free neon backgrounds. At time of writing there were more than 38,000 results for the query “neon background” on Unsplash. All the images you’ll find on Unsplash can be used without attribution for all your projects (but it’s always kind to attribute the author, you can also buy them a virtual coffee). 

If you’re looking for vector neon backgrounds and PSD templates to create your own glow in the dark neon posters, FreePik would be our #1 recommendation. A lot of the visuals we’re creating are based on FreePik templates. There are more than 20,000 results for the neon background query on FreePik.

Pexels is our third suggestion to source stunning neon backgrounds. They’re all free to use both for editorial and commercial purposes. You’ll find some duplicates with the content available on Unsplash but there are also a lot of unique neon wallpapers. There are currently more than 10,000 photos available when you type “neon background” in the search box.

Glow In The Darkness