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FairyGlo Glow in the Dark nail polish, detailed review

10 ml bottle of FairyGlo Glow in the dark nail polish

Chose on of the multiple fluorescent colors on offer by FairyGlo and draw all eyes on you on your next party.

Why is this FairyGlo nail polish such a great glow in the dark product?

  • The FairyGlo brand offers 24 different colors of fluorescent nail polish, going from yellow to green to orange to purple . A couple of them include little sparkles. There’s a gold sparkly polish and a silver sparkly one.
  • A bottle of FairyGlo nail polish contains 10 ml (0.33 fl. oz).
  • This nail polish is made from non-toxic resin and is based on a stable organic formula.
  • It is high-quality gel with virtually no smell.
  • The glossy effect will last for 2 to 3 weeks.
  • To make this fluorescent nail polish glow, it needs to be previously exposed to a light source. This can be a light bulb, UV light or direct sun light. The longer you expose the nail polish to the light source, the brighter and longer your nails will glow in the dark.
  • This gel is a glossy finish type nail polish.
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FairyGlo Glow in the dark nail polish

Illuminate the party with gorgeous glowing nails

Glow time
Color types
  • MSDS and SGS certificates
  • long lasting
  • original colors
  • strong adhesion force
  • highly shining
  • fast drying
  • the white polish with sparkle is actually clear polish with sparkle

What people love about this FairyGlo glow in the dark nail polish

  • If you’re looking for special effects, you can apply different neon color gels on one finger nail. Each color will show its own vivid glow.
  • This nail polish is very easy to apply, it doesn’t chip or smudge.
  • The polish is very subtle, the glow is a lovely shade and glows strongly.
  • This polish is simply by day, fun at night !

Tips to use this FairyGlo glow in the dark nail polish

  • Shake the bottle well before applying the polish, to mix the components well.
  • This kind of nail polish doesn’t dry on its own. Once applied, you need to cure your nails under a UV/LED or CCFL lamp light.
  • Apply 2 or 3 layers and use a top coat for better results.
  • To remove this nail polish, soak off the nails into acrylic nail remover for about 5 minutes and gently rip off the whole layer.
  • Always use nail polish in well ventilated area. Do not use near a heat source or a flame.
  • Keep away from children, this is not a toy.

Have the most beautiful fingernails at the party with this vivid glowing nail polish.

FairyGlo Glow in the Dark nail polish, detailed review
FairyGlo Glow in the Dark nail polish, detailed review

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