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Electric Jellyfish Glow in the dark tank table lamp, full review

Best selling glowing jellyfish table lamp

People are actively searching for glow in the dark lava lamps. While curating this type of trendy lamps, we came across a very unusual model which seemed quite popular at time of writing, an electric tank table lamp featuring… artificial jellyfish. Two of them.

The jellyfish (which you won’t need to feed since they’re 100% artificial) look very realistic. Some people even think they’re real! They even have tendrils floating behind them. This glow in the dark lamp is truly mesmerising!

According to the supplier, this lamp provides a great mood light for relaxation and meditation. If you feel anxious or stressed, just sit down for a while admiring your artificial jellyfish floating and glowing in the dark of their electric tank.

Why is this jellyfish table lamp a great glow in the dark product?

  • it’s quite original, not the usual lava lamp: as you can see on the pictures below this table lamp includes two realistic jellyfish endlessly floating in the water. No need to feed them
  • you can switch the light on directly on the lamp body, no worry to lose a remote
  • the color of the light constantly changes, with nice transitions
  • the lamp will automatically shut off after 4 hours
9Expert Score
realistic glowing jellyfish lamp

a great lamp to relieve anxiety

Soothing glow
Power saving
Stress relief
Variety of colors
Customer service
  • light switch on lamp body, no need for a remote
  • 2 realistic jellyfish
  • no need to feed the jellyfish
  • Looks stunning in the dark
  • Durable quality product
  • It's a perfect gift both for adults &amp
  • kids
  • can become a bit boring after a while…

What people love about this glow in the dark jellyfish lamp

  • the lamp provides the stress-relieving pleasure of a fish tank without the hassle of feeding the beasts, since they’re artificial
  • colors are nicely soothing, it’s a great accessory for a quick meditation, at any time
  • this unusual glow in the dark lamp is the perfect gift for both kids and adults. Who doesn’t love glowing jellyfish?
  • the motor of this lamp is very quiet, almost a whisper

Tips to use this jellyfish tank table lamp

  • you can put it anywhere, it will look great in any room
  • you will need to add distilled water to the tank and to soak the fake jellyfish in dish soap for 4-8 hours
  • be aware that the power supply is USB
  • do not worry about turning it off if you leave it in your kids bedroom, it will automatically shut off after 4 hours
  • if you want to wash the lamp, you can use dishwasher soap and some water but make sure you rinse thoroughly, otherwise the water around the jellyfish will get cloudy
  • do not leave the jellyfish lamp too close to your cat or dog since they might try to break the lamp to catch the artificial jellyfish

If you’re looking for an exciting glow in the dark jellyfish lamp you can find this product on Amazon.

Electric Jellyfish Glow in the dark tank table lamp, full review
Electric Jellyfish Glow in the dark tank table lamp, full review

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