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Disney Pixar Buzz Lightyear Glow in the dark Blaster review

Best selling glow in the dark Buzz Lightyear blaster

Just in time for another holiday season (Halloween & Christmas), here’s a great glow in the dark toy. Kids can play with this glow in the dark blaster both indoors and outdoors.

It includes 10 glow in the dark yellow foam balls. You’ll have a blast with this toy!

Your child simply has to pull the trigger to activate flashing red lights and firing sound effects.

It’s a genuine Disney Store item.

Why is this glow in the dark blaster such a cool product?

  • It’s a real Disney Store product, not a cheap copy
  • The ball blaster is powerful but won’t hurt anyone
  • The lights on the blaster and the fact that the balls glow in the dark both add another dimension to the game
  • this toy is approved by Buzz Lightyear himself! To infinity and beyond!
9Expert Score
Buzz Lightyear Glow In The Dark Blaster

Hours of great fun in the dark

Value for money
Balls brightness
Light and sound effects
  • it's very solid, will withstands falls and shocks
  • you get 10 balls so you don't need to run around all the time to collect them
  • it's so cool to see the glowing balls fly in the air
  • kids love the light and sound effects on the blaster itself

What kids and parents like about this glow in the dark blaster?

  • it’s a quality item from the official Disney Store
  • it’s well presented (see the box in the images) and very well made
  • the balls are made of foam, they don’t hurt, even at a short distance
  • the blaster is very easy to reload
  • kids truly have a blast with the blaster, no punt intended

Tips to use this blaster

  • even if the balls don’t hurt, don’t shoot your opponents at a very short distance, try to aim from afar
  • you may have to help smaller kids reload the blaster

If you’re looking for a glow in the dark toy endorsed by Buzz Lightyear himself, don’t look any further.

Disney Pixar Buzz Lightyear Glow in the dark Blaster review
Disney Pixar Buzz Lightyear Glow in the dark Blaster review

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