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ChefCity Glow in the Dark Plates and party supplies, detailed review

ChefCity Glow in the Dark Plates and party supplies, pack of 128

So you’ve bought the black lights for your glow in the dark parties, you’ve bought all necessary stuff to stick on the walls, tape on the floor, paint the decorations, you name it !

There’s one thing that you might not have thought about : the table party supplies ! Let’s review this pack of plates, tumblers and cutlery!

Why are these ChefCity Plates and party supplies a great glow in the dark product?

  • This amazing pack of glow in the dark party items features 128 different neon pieces : you’ve 32 main course plates, 32 dessert plates, 32 tumblers and 32 full sets of cutlery with knives, forks and spoons. So this means you’ve got 32 full settings ! And yes, for those who did the maths and calculated 192 different items, we count a full cutlery set as 1 item.
  • These table supplies come in 4 glowing colors : blue, red, orange and green. These are the colors that glow best in the dark.
  • These plates are made out of sturdy and durable plastic.
  • The perfectly round dinner plates have a diameter of 9 inches, which is the same as 22.86 cm, and the smaller dessert plates are 6 inches, or 15,24 cm).
  • The cutlery is heavy-duty and the tumblers weigh 255 grams.
  • You can easily dispose of these plates when the party is over. No need to spend time washing them up. Okay, you’ll feel a little bit guilty about throwing them out, but you’ll be fine.
  • This item is returnable within 30 days of receipt.

9Expert Score
128 pieces of neon party supplies

Make your party glow

Color choices
  • durable and sturdy plastic
  • lightweight material
  • disposable or reusable
  • elegant style
  • the blue plates don't glow

What people love about these EDI hard plastic glow in the dark plates

  • Even though these are plastic party supplies, they look quite elegant, so you can even use them for more formal dinner or work parties.
  • If you like a bit of color in your life, you can also use these neon supplies on a day to day basis. They won’t glow during the day, but that’s fine as well !
  • They glow super well under blacklight, except for the blue ones, great for an 80’s party.

Tips to use these EDI glow in the dark plates

  • These plates are perfectly durable ones if you don’t put heavy stuff on them, they’re meant to serve pizzas, chips and so on.
  • If they fall or if you step on them, they will break unfortunately.
  • These plates are disposable, but you’ll be so satisfied with the quality that you will want to hold on to them. Just wash them (by hand, not in the dishwasher !) and store them for later.

Neon plates and cutlery for great glow in the dark black light party !

ChefCity Glow in the Dark Plates and party supplies, detailed review
ChefCity Glow in the Dark Plates and party supplies, detailed review

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