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Bulk pack of 12 jars of glow in the dark slime, full review

Best selling glow in the dark slime, 4 vivid colors

We’ve already reviewed another pack of 12 assorted slime jars. This one is a nice alternative, also an absolute favourite with customers looking for the perfect slime kit.

The jars look kind of small but most consumers said that they’re actually bigger than expected. The outer packaging is very nice. The touch of the fingers is very satisfying. Kids and adults will love this slime kit.

Why is this slime pack of 12 assorted colors a great product?

  • it’s a nice combination of 4 bright colors, the usual green, blue, yellow and red, the neon colors you would expect from any good slime kit
  • the product will be the perfect birthday party favor. All kids love slime
  • this slime pack will enliven any celebration
  • with 12 jars of glow in the dark slime, you will never run out of slimy supplies
  • the sensation on the fingers is a real treat
  • you’ll double the fun by turning the lights off, being amazed by how nicely this slime will glow in the dark
9.5Expert Score
Vivid slime kit of 12 jars

you’ll never run out of slime

Texture feel
Colors variety
  • Great texture, doesn't stick
  • Odourless
  • Super easy to clean
  • Jars bigger than expected
  • Vivid glow in the dark
  • Nice packaging

What people love about this pack of glow in the dark slime

  • the jars look great, they’re the ideal birthday party favor
  • this slime kit is pure pleasure, the product feels perfect in your hands, even after an afternoon if intense fun
  • the 4 colors in the pack are vivid, they glow very nicely in the dark after being exposed to light ( works best with UV black light )
  • this quality product doesn’t leave any stains on the floor
  • the product doesn’t have a bad smell so you won’t feel sick after using it for long hours
  • the slime feel is very consistent, it has a nice touch, truly satisfying
  • it’s the perfect gift in a Ghostbusters-themed party
  • the jars are bigger than expected for most consumers

Tips to use glow in the dark slime

  • Keep the bottles sealed after use to avoid the product drying out too quickly
  • Be careful with young children since the bottles kind of look like soda bottles
  • Even if the product isn’t toxic for games, don’t stick slime into the eyes of someone and, of course, don’t try to swallow it
  • be aware that the blue color can transfer to your hands, but it’s easy to wash with clean water
  • if the product dries on any surface, it’s very easy to remove

If you’re looking for slime for your kids’ birthday party favors, you can buy this slime pack on Amazon.

Bulk pack of 12 jars of glow in the dark slime, full review
Bulk pack of 12 jars of glow in the dark slime, full review

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