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BlueX CFL 2 pack Glow in the Dark Black Light bulbs, detailed review

Pack of 2 BlueX CFL Black Light Bulbs for indoor and outdoor

Say goodbye to dull, colorless parties this year ! Switch to black light bulbs for your next event and go for a fluorescent glow in the dark effect !

This kind of black light is perfect for your next event. Just cover certain objects in the room with fluorescent paint, dye or tape and illuminate them like you’ve never seen. White shirts and even posters will shine brightly and stand out from the crowd immediately.

You will also be able to see who has the brightest smile, since teeth will light up !

Turn a boring setting into the most vivid party !

Why are these BlueX CFL black light bulbs a great glow in the dark product?

  • These light bulbs are powerful 24 Watts CFL bulbs (equivalent of 100 Watts), destined for 120V 60Hz
  • This product is an Amazon’s Best Selling product.
  • These bulbs use very little energy, you will save money on your next bill. This kind of bulb uses about 75% less energy than standard incandescent bulbs.
  • These lamps feature a standard E26 base to fit most fixtures.
  • The BlueX bulbs are available in four different colors : red, blue, blacklight and green. You could use the other colors to reduce stress and create a calm atmosphere.
  • The lifespan of these bulbs if quite long, you can enjoy 10000 hours of light with them.

9.5Expert Score
Powerful black light bulbs

Turn any room into an entertaining party space

UVA level
  • saves energy and money
  • versatile
  • user-friendly
  • choice in colors
  • long life-span, 10000 hours
  • soft ligthing
  • check the size of these bulbs, they are long

What people love about these BlueX CFL black light bulbs

  • CFL don’t get hot like incandescent black light bulbs and they perform much better
  • Children love the glow in the dark effect, perfect for sleepovers
  • Very responsive customer support service
  • Perfect for use at home and party clubs alike
  • Cast a beautiful glow
  • These are spiral bulbs

Tips to use these glow in the dark BlueX CFL black light bulbs

  • The diameter of a bulb is 2.12 inches and they are 6.14 inch long (15.5 cm). So make sure you are looking for long bulbs.
  • They are not bright enough to use outdoor, they’re supposed to make items glow in the dark, inside.
  • Don’t stare into this light, you will damage your eyes !
  • The UV wavelength is 380-390nm, which means this light is safe on the skin and doesn’t cause burns.
  • For any party effect, make sure to buy items that are black light reactive, or apply a glow in the dark paint/dye/tape.
  • You can use them to light up your backyard, keep pests away or to create a spectacular display for an event.

Create the perfect party atmosphere with these powerful black light bulbs !

BlueX CFL 2 pack Glow in the Dark Black Light bulbs, detailed review
BlueX CFL 2 pack Glow in the Dark Black Light bulbs, detailed review

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